Ruby Social Networking Plugins

Empowering RoR Portals with Some of the Best Ruby Social Networking Plugins

Plugins are basically fragments of code that carry the ability to get blended into the Sketchup after being primarily installed to offer supplementary features.  They are majorly developed by third parties.

The importance of Ruby Plugins

So if in case you want to be equipped with the power of great, multi-purpose extensions then your search ends here. Carrying a consistent installation system, you need to be aware about exploring through them and bring them to use in the simplest set of commands in order to jump up and run promptly and without a doubt, adding influential utility to all your applications. Once you are thorough with the subversions, being a dominant element, while most of the ROR developers are already using it for source control. You can also get familiar with the same. The Social Networking Plugins adds power as well as strength on the various portals that run on Ruby.

We have listed a few Ruby Social Networking Plugins that would help you understand the basics behind their structure as well as use.

1. Insoshi open source Social Networking platform

“Insoshi” is considered as one of the best Social Network Platforms. Being an open source product, it is based upon Ruby on Rails platform with an objective of being the best and the most sorted. It carries almost the entire features that most of the social networks carry starting from blogs, activity feeds, profiles, messaging options, search options and much more, being the latest in the market, being relatively new, yet completely equipped with all the necessities, while it is still evolving and being fortified on the go! On the whole its features stand out, look great, while the functions are rapid and quite prompt.

2. Communityengine

Often called as the Instant social network, “Communityengine” is a free, open source social network plugin that supports Ruby on Rails applications. It carries the ability to add the basic social networking potential over to your existing applications comprising the users, blogs, pictures, favorites, clips and much more! Its use has been time and again used and proven, as it has been around and brought to use, since long. It carries some of the most dynamic features like creating user profiles, blogs, private messaging options, creating and scheduling events and forums.

3. SocialStream

“SocialStream” is yet another Ruby on Rails engine that supports the basic structure of the Social network websites. It offers its help while managing contacts, posts, uploads of files, private messaging and many more significant options that enhance the overall social networking website experience. Basically, it is an essential component while building social network websites, making the entire process rapid and flexible, as its modular as well as flexible. Being totally dedicated towards Ruby on Rails, it is highly supportive and enjoys its excellence. The users get to create their very own web applications almost in an instant and start using them.

4. Lovd-by-less

Built over Ruby on Rails, “Lovd-by-less” is one more open source social networking platform that carries all that you require to create your own, unique online community. No doubt Facebook majorly captures the world, but there are numerous sites that need social interaction while its benefits are awesome. At the moment, the feature is a free to access. So all you need is a new idea that can boom the social circle in the domain, and there you are ready to write your own story!

5. Socialization

There goes this factor of “Socialization” behind all that you keep following and liking on the various models out there in the market. There are several practicalities involved behind this process. However this is the most useful feature that enriches the social media websites. It is proficient over a double polymorphic link on the Follow and like models.

6. Omnicontacts

“Omnicontacts” is exactly what you need while importing contacts from all the major email providers. This is indeed a library that enables users of an application to import contacts on their email or Facebook accounts. At the moment, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail are all supported well. Omnicontacts is a rack middleware so the use of Rail as a Rack based framework is great.

7. Enginey

Enginey is basically a social networking framework as well as a content management platform that has been developed using Ruby on Rails. Being extremely easy to be customized as well as positioned as one’s very own prevailing social media or other site. This certainly offers power to the various users with their own blogs. Enginey offers ample opportunities such as working together with groups, forums, events etc.

A few recent add-ons made this all the more interesting, while they would need support for Themes as well as Content Management.