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Mobiloitte Announces Edu-M, A New Member In Our Family of Enterprise Mobility Solutions!

In the past few months we had extensive talks and research with representatives of prominent education institutions from Northern India and beyond. We have asked them about their current business challenges and their ability to tap their business objectives – in short – their ability to fill their classrooms with the planned number of students.

Many of them agreed that waters have gone back in the past few years. Executives from multiple universities have stated several reasons such as

  • Severe competition in the education sector,
  • Diminished brand strength and familiarity, and
  • Inability to cope with the fast currents of technological progress which has flooded this part of Asia in the past decade.

We were able to feel and notice something substantial. Despite being faced with technology gaps most of these folks also anticipated technology as solution for their current challenges especially when it comes to resolving the lack of extensive communication with external stakeholders – the parents of the students, which represents a weakness and bureaucratic mindset inherited from the old system when “things used to go lot better and easier.” They combine this with the diluted strength of their brand and their inability to tap the future students with the right messaging and through the right channels as the major source for their current plights.

Hearing these thoughts was a remarkable experience, coming from industry which is traditionally considered as stable, secured and covered. Today we are happy to introduce Edu M, aiming to address this business challenge with technology enabled solution. empowered by social media.

edu-m coverYou already have questions? Good! Let’s answer some of the most frequent ones that may pop put

What is Edu M?

Enterprise class mobile platform that covers all aspects of student recruiting, Inbound and Outbound communication and brand building for universities, colleges and schools.

Why did we create Edu M?

  • To connect and take education institution closer to decision makers
  • To provide a single platform for all their communication (inbound and outbound)
  • To boost their brand awareness in the midst of information noise and thus increase their lead generation capability

How is Edu M different from related solutions?

Edu M is Enterprise class containing functionalities that enable seamless collaboration and communication of the sort of Fortune 500 companies. Edu M is comprehensive and it empowers not one sided but interactive communication and brand experience exchange between the educational institution and all its relevant stakeholders (students, parents and staff).

Who is Edu M intended for?

Universities colleges and schools who witness reduced number of students for their programs while willing to embrace the NEW. Edu M is flexible, you are free to choose the modules you prefer that match your current objectives and of course budget. It works on all major platforms (iOS and Android) and is fully customizable to match your brand image.

Edu M is now ready for demo and our team of solution architects is ready to provide you customized assistance and demonstrate how Edu M is capable of bringing almost immediate benefits for you. Order your demo here, or use the following contact form for more info.