Shopping App

eCommerce Brands Driving and Sustaining Users with Shopping Mobile Apps. How?

Keeping up with burgeoning consumer demand is a tedious and never-ending process!

If you are an ecommerce brand owner, unfortunately, even your competitors also realize the importance of the above statement and are racing ahead to develop new and innovative ways to outshine your efforts and methods of customer retention.  No wonder a large customer base has shifted from Snapdeal to Flipkart since the former fails to attract customers to its website. On the other hand. Flipkart continues to push its unique app to help you do your shopping.

How to Retain Customers?

  • So, how do you plan to satisfy your customers in a society where quick and ready access to myriads of ecommerce websites is at the touch of a mouse click? Go mobile!
  • Mobiles are personal devices almost every person carries with them wherever they go! In their free time they like to browse for products and services they like, even if they don’t want to buy it. The attractiveness of your app can bring customers to you!
  • If you develop a website with a ‘responsive design’ you can save money on an app, but an app can send in notifications, promo offers, coupon codes and what not that a website cannot!
  • Having a mobile app is most beneficial since it enhances the customer experience. It also helps the business to put its strategies to test with the help of neatly coded in-app offers designed by app developers use to help various merchants to motivate customers.

Quick, Easy Ordering, Comparison Shopping and Value Added Benefits – One Single App!

  • Mobile apps allow customers to quickly place various orders from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet.
  • Customers can explore their options and compare between various products with the help of customer reviews and ratings to make a choice.
  • Value added benefits like price slashes, reward programs, free stuff and bundled offers help motivate customers only if they have downloaded and installed the app. The website users do not get such offers unless they install the app.
  • The ability to pay directly from within the app is the best reason why people choose apps. No need to head to your payment gateway to make a payment.

Engaging Customer Experience

  • Making everything convenient, easy to search with detailed info is what seals the deal for most customers.
  • The design also gets a plus if it is not intrusive and is very aesthetically appealing.
  • Many airlines have ‘passbook’ systems to store boarding passes, ticketing information and other travel data so that the customer doesn’t have to take out their real boarding pass or passport every time some official wants to check them.

If you also want to help your customers fall in love with your brand and make them visit you again and again, you need to choose an app developer who knows the steps needed to make a customer purchase something. Secure credit information, purchase history and easily accessible shopping carts are what most customers look for in an app.

The easier and safer your app is to use, the more often your new and existing customers will explore it and make purchases!