Media Industry using Drupal CMS

Why Drupal CMS Based Websites are Hot in Media Industry?

The media industry and its business model has evolved a lot over the last few years due to the introduction and incorporation of newer technologies and promotional tools.

These newer technologies have one superlative motive – mass media integration with tightened security. This new kind of business model is not only broadcast-based but it is mainly oriented towards integration of the user’s experience along with the sharing of data across boundaries.

This user experience that drives the mass media frenzy nowadays is driven by one core need – customization according to what the user actually wants to see, hear or experience. A good quality website, podcast or vlog is what sets it apart from its competition. Here comes in the need for Drupal – an industry revolutionizing CMS website management tool.

Drupal is a leading content management system (CMS) and efficient content management framework (CMF) that helps to powers dynamic websites and applications with minimum effort and maximum feasibility.

Why the media and entertainment industry is using Drupal’s cms

1)      Drupal is highly versatile and easily customizable.

2)      The photo gallery module helps you customize product images with templates, scorecards and other features to make your consumer’s product viewing experience more favourable.

3)      Since Drupal allows social bookmaking, it allows customers to rate and review multiple products and share them with millions of users via social media like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ with just one click.

4)      Single Sign-on integration helps the integration of Drupal with any kind of application which is highly beneficial for multiple apps installed on a particular mobile platform. One such example is Google sign-in via dashboard that is automatic in all apps supporting Google’s login form.

5)      Since Drupal is search friendly is allows web developers to quickly do ‘on-page’ SEO with proper semantics.

6)      Drupal is highly scalable and allows management and allocation of high volume data which easily get millions of hourly hits or PPC according to the SMO strategy of the company.

7)      Since payment channels for banks and other online payment systems are integrated within Drupal, login to a payment gateway is flawless and faster since it happens within the same page.

Drupal is one of the most advanced free and open source CMS available out there in the market which allows custom web designs for free! A lot of free web templates and core module development with easy access controls makes Drupal the best choice for any e-commerce or media oriented website. 

The myriad of benefits Drupal gives to the multi-faceted media and entertainment industry includes:

1.      Content Management

Drupal is a highly content driven CMS software which enables dynamic content management and maintenance. Drupal attends the needs and specifics of the media industry by publishing content within a stringent guideline based system in an efficient way keeping in mind the lifecycle of content.

 2.      Social Media Interactivity

Engaging current and prospective consumers in a personalized way is the need of the hour in terms of CMS which Drupal has successfully helped to fulfil. If a type of user or demographic group does not haveany interest on a particular subject, it is not advisable to create content in a way which offends them. Drupal helps you in customization of that very content in a different manner which helps them get engrossed in that content with the added incentive of them helping to interact, share and further market your content.

3.      Cross-Platform Portability

Drupal is specifically engineered to provide portability in the web domain, especially when it comes to cross-platform scripting of the layout and its management for several platforms like mobile devices, tablets, desktops and other web content display portals.

4.      Monetization and ROI

Every content is monetization oriented – creating content is not free and demands a respectable return on investment (ROI) which comes from effective marketing strategies.

Let’s take a look at drupal in action. 

A popular website called ‘’ employed the useof Drupal in order to achieve class-leading website creation and management tools which helped their website become a perfect choice for customers looking for child-friendly and pre-school learning activities online.

1)      Why Drupal was chosen: earlier had a buggy and crash-prone CMS earlier to adoption of Drupal. They adopted Drupal since it is open-source and charges zero licensing fees, has a very low hosting cost. Drupal also has many developers around theworld which makes it easier to outsource such work. 

2)      What modules were used and why?

a)      Services and OAuth

Sprout required a very secure method for deployment of mobile apps and flash enabled games to seamlessly interact with Drupal. OAuth was chosen since it has a wide-spread adoption demographic and offers a REST server with an easy JSON requests and responses format.

OAuth helps to manage various nodes, files and their taxonomy. Google, Twitter and Dropbox, all use this feature. 

b)     Migrate

Since the website witness new user signups and logins everyday with change in content happening simultaneously, a module was needed that helped automate the process of migration of data from their old CMS software to Drupal.

Migrate helps to achieve this transfer impeccably by transferring millions of pieces of content automatically!

c)      Aurora Theme

Aurora is a beautiful theme running on HTML5 and Sass which is used by a majority of websites like NBC and Universal since it has a minimalist and simplistic tone to it. 

d)     Flash Video Game Integration

Sprout has hundreds of flash and HTML5 powered games on their website for children to learn newer things from. Some games were single-file based while the others were in packages integrating hundreds of game data files within them.

What Flash video game integration helped achieve for Sprout is that now all games have become streamlined and are uploaded and managed within Drupal under a single content type, like ‘game type’ which helps put it into order and its associated fields making CMS very powerful and up to date.

Drupal’s benefits are limitless. The industry accepted content customization process: interaction >sharing >productivity> creativity is fully satisfied with the usage of Drupal. Even the US White House website is managed with the help of Drupal. That should help you gauge how powerful and engaging a website managed with Drupal can be.