Why Drupal 8 is Worth Your Time


1. Compatibility with Mobile Devices:

Specially made for Mobile and followed by desktop. That compasses fully mobile administrative toolbar with themes that are responsive, which makes it compatible to any device.

2. Multilanguage support:

You can install any out of 100 languages with Drupal 8, the translation process is fully integrated into the CMS.

3. Improved Configuration management:

With the new Export Configuration feature, one can export either full sight and single sight configuration file.

4. Default Web Services:

Using Drupal 8 as a data source, now you can build mobile apps of high quality. Developers can now get a benefit of hypertext application language, provide your content in the JSON or XML format and much more.

5. Content Authority:

Drupal 8 came up with the better content authority, using a tool for content creation and publishing with the new interface- the WYSIWYG editor. Now you can have the authority to edit the content on the front end making a better experience.

6. Quick Theming:

In Drupal 8 PHP code is no longer embedded in templates making it fast, flexible and secure. Drupal’s default PHP template engine has been replaced by a twig for separation between logic and display.

7. Improved Markup:

Better improved fields for mobile and desktop makes your website cleaner and flexible, supporting built-in audio and video on websites.

8. Performance Enhancement:

With new cache system; cache tags, browsing experience gets a new boost. Now optimizing your website’s speed is easy to do as well.