Android N Security

Don’t Miss 5 Important Offerings of Android N Security

Android is the largest and most popular mobile operating system around the world. The colossal Android user base also makes it vulnerable to security breaches. To mitigate such uncalled for eventualities, Google has recently announced the release of next version of Android operating system viz., Android N.

Adrian Ludwig, the head of Android Security team, shared three key areas of security features like File-Based Encryption, Media server Hardening and Automatic Updates among other new features that come bundled in Android N.

#1 File-Based Encryption: According to the Google’s I/O conference, Android N will offer file-based encryption with finer granularity and better performance as compared to block level device encryption. With the help of file based encryption, app development companies can provide encryption to a specific file. This encryption allows end users to provide security to their private files without having to interrupt other files.

#2 Mediaserver Hardening: With the upcoming version of Android OS, Google wants to stop errors from becoming vulnerabilities by isolating untrusted content and de-privileging. Google’s team has re-architected Mediaserver for better security. In practice, media application should no longer be able to take over the entire system if any file is corrupted.

#3 Seamless OS Upgradation: One of the best features offered by Android N. Without having to download an Android update, Android N will automatically download it for you and install it on a separate partition (creating this partition however is a manual and tedious task).

#4 FingerPrint and Smart Lock Authentication: It is the new feature and enhancement, which is coming up with Android N. Fingerprint has maximized the use of secure lock screens as compared to normal devices.

#5 SafetyNet API: Android N comes wrapped with SafetyNet API. Google provides a framework that allows an android developer to check the device’s health. With the help of this framework, developers can remove all issues with much less hassle.

Overall, Android N has added a significant number of security features and these would foster higher confidence in the users.

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