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Do You Want To Jailbreak Your iPhone? Here Is The Best Tool To Help You Do That!

Image Credit: www.lifehacker.com

Although not an actual developer, I always get excited of the thought of jailbreaking my own smartphone and hopefully unlocking new set of exciting features and functionalities.

For that purpose I have decided to take our iOS development team for some beer (which turn out to be more costly than expected) in order to stimulate them share some of the jailbreaking tools they have knowledge of. After the second round, they were already like “kitties in laps.”

But before we go to the procedure, allow me to quickly present you with the actual concept of jailbreak, its meaning and the risks associated to it. 

The term jailbreak refers to the process of removing Operating system limitations imposed by the manufacturer. The most common reason for jailbreaking is to expand the otherwise limited feature set imposed by Apple’s App Store. Jailbreak is associated with making changes to the operating system on disk to semi-permanently disable Apple’s certificate signing enforcement, allowing any third party (unsanctioned) code to run on the device. That is the boring part.

Many publicly available jailbreaking tools additionally include at least one software installer application such as Cydia which allows you to install tools and application from an online file repository. Over the last few years the Knights of the Templar which is the name I am giving to the Open source enthusiasts  has built a large pool of third party software available both freely and commercially available through these installers.

Be aware. Much of this software has not or would not pass muster with Apple’s strict App Store policies, so their authors have taken their software to the masses by their own efforts. Most consistent and well maintained tools over a longer period of time are Pwnage tool, redsn0w, sn0wbreeze, greenp0ison etc.

Today we will introduce you with the most commonly used – redsn0w

Jailbreaking an iPhone with redsnow!

To download redsn0w click on the redsn0w link on the dev-team website click here. Beta versions of redsn0w and firmware versions can also be found by clicking on the “redsn0w beta” link if available. Start by downloading the latest supported version of redsn0w for your device and firmware version and get ready for Rock n Roll.

Once you have downloaded redsn0w unpack it from the archive and run it. Be sure to have a test device connected to your desktop machine. The redsn0w application will automatically identify what device and operating system version is running and will download the appropriate firmware files from  Apple’s cash servers to jailbreak the targeted device.

Your job begins simply by clicking the single button named “jailbreak”. Click the button and you will be prompted to place the device into DFU mode. Once your device is in DFU mode, the application prompts you to install Cydia. Once you give the green light redsn0w boots a custom RAM disk containing unsanctioned custom code to patch the OS on the device and install any third party software it is designed to install.

Next – What must be done once your device enter the DFU mode…