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Digital Transformation of Pharma R&D

In today’s world, where mobile applications are available for everything, pharmaceutical sector also leveraging with the technology. Mobile applications with advanced computing abilities are becoming essential part of every sector of pharmaceutical industry from R&D to logistic and supply-chain management. Internet of things (IoT) and BOTS are the new technologies that has been combined with these mobile applications to reduce operating expenses.

R & D cannot be taught, It can only be done

Research and development in the pharmaceutical sector is usually labour and money intensive. For this reason, ways to reduce the cost and labour needed to carry it out are always looked for. Automation of the equipments and processes with the help of IoT and BOTS has evolved to a point where it plays a significant role in this process and is essential in reducing the amount of time and money needed to carry out some aspects of research and development. It also reduces the amount of human error.

Large electronic data sets of patient’s records, previous case studies, drug effects are leveraging by AI algorithms draw meaningful insights that empowers intelligent decision making and reasoning.

In drug discovery, selection of right molecule after screening of large number of pools, identification of target protein, development of assay to measure activity at the target molecule takes too much time and money.

Advanced virtual analysis done by Machine learning with the help of wider range of data including social media, doctor visits and genetic information, can apply for selection of candidates in clinical trials it results in smaller, faster and cost-effective clinical trials because it can take up to 10-15 years to translate a drug discovery idea into a patient-friendly drug.

Storage and organization of information is also critical in research and development. Typically, large amounts of data are produced at every stage of research and development. The use of IT systems to store and organize this information makes retrieval, sharing and collaboration much easier, which then increases the pace of the research. One can also use the system to back up the data in case of loss, which can be catastrophic if all the data is lost.

Information technology also improves the speed and quality of communication between individuals who are working on the same project, but who are not in the same location. For instance, a pharmaceutical firm that has branches all over the world can organize research by having all the involved members communicate through teleconferencing and other media.

In conclusion, discovery of a new drug, that is more effective and have less side-effects are becoming easy with the help of these advanced technologies. It is the need of the time because disease-causing agents are becoming resistant to the existing drugs.