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Digital solutions in Biotechnology

Digital solutions in Biotechnology- In past, many momentous scientific discoveries were made accidently in natural and unusual habitats. Today, biotechnology research is typically done in well equipped, technology loaded expensive laboratories. Monitoring of these instruments and equipment’s is quite laborious task and needed expertise. Scenario has been more changed with information technology enters in the field. Now smartphones and web-based solutions are changing the industry and research with its portability, ease-to-use approach.

Mobile phones along with various devices & sensors are used for production management, climate control, molecular diagnosis, education and data management into a portable, simple to use application.
Reproducibility is the main hitch of biotechnology and life science research. If researcher taking a wrong data point in his log can lead to inadvertent results or wrong interpretations. The scenario would be extremely different if all apparatuses were implanted with intelligence. A micropipette would keep a record of the fluid quantity, the incubator would keep a note of the temperature at which it was set for a specific experiment, and microwell plates could collect information about the name and added quantity of enzymes.

Data security is another important area where information technology makes a diverse change. Data that is stored on paper might get lost, burnt, stolen, soiled, or washed off but Information stored in cloud servers are safe and encrypted. Multiple security layers and access-right authentication systems make all the data practically unreachable to undesirable sources.

At the scale of a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company, where instruments and their different software can number in the hundreds, the benefits of IoT platform are even more unambiguous. It eliminates much of the busywork of recording data in various places and minimize the risk of human error that comes with this progression.

In conclusion, Digital solution provides solutions to the major glitches concerns in the biotechnology sector and make things easy for researchers as well as for enterprises.