Digital marketing trends you can never overlook in 2019

Digital Marketing Trends You Can Never Overlook In 2019

As 2019 has begun and the advanced promoting scenes that incorporates SEO, internet based marketing, PPC, content advertising and more is seeing a sensational move towards a good growth.There was a time when people were thinking Artificial Intelligence and visual search as gimmicks from any science fiction movie, But that time has been gone.

There are many new digital marketing trends and strategies that are evolving in the new high-tech era as businesses need to adapt them to increase their business and to gain more profits.

Here are some digital marketing trends which people need to follow:-

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising means using AI technology, automating the ad buying so that one can target more audience. AI automation is very fast and efficient, which means there will be higher conversions and lower customer acquisition costs.

This technology is changing the face and pace of digital marketing so swiftly that many marketing experts are assuming that 90% of display ads in the U.S will be programmatic within 2-3 years.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has started ruling the world! We can say AI has started ruling digital marketing by helping the marketers in completing their every type of work.

AI can analyze consumer behavior and search patterns, utilizing data from social media platforms and blog posts to help businesses understands how users and customers will find their product or business.

AI also offers information and tips to users by getting into conversations. Businesses adopting AI in 2019 will be able to save costs and accelerate growth, getting an edge over their competitors.


These will be an important part of digital marketing in 2019.

This AI-based technology uses instant messaging to chat in real-time, day or night, with your customers or site visitors. There is an assumption that by 2022, chatbots will help business save over millions of money every year. There are many customers who are interested in talking with bots as they are very responsive, gives an answer very effectively and accurately. These offers outstanding services to the customers. Chatbots helps the users in many ways and many brands use chatbots for a better business.

Video Marketing

Live video is gaining popularity, with a large number of businesses using it for interviews, product demos and “behind the scenes” and for many other purposes of events, like life in the office and how the product is made, etc; The video marketing is helping many industries in gaining more profit.

With the decrease in the cost of film equipment and the increasingly high-quality smartphone cameras, businesses and marketers are heading for personalized video messages rather than call and emails.

The videos are displayed in SERPs, so video SEO is becoming much more important-like using text overlays and closed captions in addition to the description, titles and in the name. A video with full interesting content has a better chance of getting more business to the company.

Social Messaging Apps

Social messaging apps can be very useful and can be used for sending messages to customers for business purposes. Since people are spending more time using social media apps, so there are more chances of getting leads and business from social media messaging.

Visual Search

Visual search technology takes the user to a completely new level. With the use of visual search, the user can users can upload an image and can get more accurate and specific results based on the image.

Google lens is one of the most popular visual search engines by Google, This recognizes the objects, places and other things visually through a camera app. Using visual search engine techniques marketers can get an edge on competitors by using this.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a very effective marketing tool that works to attract customers. Influencers can be anyone, A Popular celebrity or a youtube or any sports personality saying a few words about your business is an influencer. Nowadays people trust more on consumers reviews rather than business words, So Influencer marketing is a good way to increase your business.

Voice Search & Smart Speakers

This technology plays an important role in providing all the relevant information that people are trying to search. AI is getting smarter and number of errors made by voice assistants like Alexa,Siri and google has been reduced.

Brands should try to convert their business description to speech format and should place them in all voice search and smart speakers so that customers will be able to find their business more relevantly and easily. This technology is more helpful for a business to stand out of all other competitors and to get more profit.


We could say that 2019 will be all about better customer experience with Artificial Intelligence and automation technology. So each and every organization will be looking to stay ahead of the curve and increase conversions in the coming business year.Digital marketing is that platform which is updating day by day for better user experience, The organization just has to be more active so that they can be aware of all the new trends.

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