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Digital Marketing in the Age of ‘IoT’


Predictive analytics is driving marketing in today’s digital era. It is more like running an SQL query over a huge database having multiple parameters. Such data driven insights are actually helping to reach out to the right set of audience and that too in a more custom environment. Digital transformation is helping businesses have access to consumer insights using the right technology platform. And with ‘IoT’ a marriage between CIO and CMO is now going to happen by default.

The next big leap:

It is said that there are already more than twice the number of things connected on the internet than the number of people on earth and according to Cisco, this is going to rise to more than 50 billion connected devices. So what does this mean for digital marketers? More data, more analytics, more consumer insights which cuts through the clutter of information leading to a very niche set of audience that can be targeted according to their preferred medium of communication.


Digital Marketing in the age of ‘IoT’ will have three basic impacts. First it will be seamless; secondly it helps eliminate friction and last but not the least it will offer more value to consumers. It will be more of an emotional connects with the consumers that are less interrupted by device or platform constraints. This is where the synergy of technology platforms and marketing innovation will take place. IT will not remain to be the backbone infrastructure; rather it will become the center-stage of connected devices providing useful insights for marketers to explore new ways of communication channels.

Setting the trend:

What we are witnessing in the recent time is that technology platforms are helping us move from novelty to expectations. Marketing done today through innovative platforms are becoming the baseline expectations for tomorrow. Brands are becoming icons thereby helping both loyal and potential customer with evolving digital solutions. It will be important as well as interesting to see how the additional data points use being used to target the audience which can said as moving from ‘big data’ to ‘smart data’.


‘IoT’ is going to become the frontier in connecting the physical life of the users to the digital world. Hence the challenge for marketers will be to remain ‘relevant’ both in the physical and digital world. Marketers will have to crunch more and more numbers in the form of data with enhanced interfaces and reports making it ‘call to action’.

Success Factors:

The key to success will lie on how intelligently devices and platforms are integrated in the overall scheme of things that ultimately helps in delivering one-to-one marketing. Consumer will always be on the go in today’s digital world and hence context-sensitive messaging will be the key to have top of the mind recall thereby increasing loyalty to the brand in the long term.

Phylogeny of intelligent apps:

Killer apps connected to multiple devices across multiple platforms will drive new age marketing communication. It will be interesting to see when devices and networks are combined with the data sets that are overlaid to help detect patterns. This is where predictive analytics is going to play a big role in digital marketing. This can also be termed as insight-driven marketing.

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