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Digital and IoT based solution to automate polyhouses

In today’s world, App and web-based solutions are in demand in every business ranging from retail to manufacturing. Agriculture sector is also adapting these digital solutions in modern agriculture practices of polyhouses and hydroponics.

Polyhouses is a practice used to cultivate plant under controlled atmosphere for increasing yield and quality of the crops. The development and growth of crop rely on polyhouse environment such as temperature, humidity, soil pH, electric conductivity and air movement. The regulation and monitoring of different polyhouse factors contribute mostly in overall development of plant. For nutrient testing, pH of growing substrate measures the availability of micronutrient and EC monitoring salt concentration in media. pH and EC depend on various factors such as fertilizers, growing substrate, irrigation, plant species, water quality and whole data provides valuable evidences if problem arises. Irrigation is also one of the most important inputs for increasing yield of crop and quality.

Polyhouse farming defends the crops from unexpected variation in weather and controls the internal environment inside the polyhouse using multiple actuators. To monitor and control internal environment farmer helps to grow the crops without any external obstruction and thus, it forms core element of a polyhouse. Internal thermal environment can be controlled through automation of system by digitally managing several elements like fans, air movement, ventilation window, heaters, air conditioning systems, sunroof, etc.

An automated polyhouse contains sensors, IoT devices and mobile or web-based solution to control and monitor the system. In automatic polyhouse, sensors detect the changes in predefined control parameters and then take necessary action. In polyhouses, some problems persist frequently. For example, maintenance of optimum temperature, Humidity level, light intensity, control of micro and macro nutrients etc. Automation of system through IoT and other smart solutions is only way to control these parameters accurately and without human interference.

The main advantages that web and app-based solutions provide are-

  • Digital solutions can respond very quickly to change.
  • Systems can run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Control systems can operate in places that humans would find unsafe or uncooperative.
  • Outputs are consistent and error free.
  • Smart solutions can process data quickly and instruments can operate faster than manually.
  • Polyhouse system can be operated from anywhere through internet and Wi-Fi connectivity without physical presence in polyhouse.
  • In conclusion, modern farming like polyhouses are the only solution that can increase crop productivity by controlling biotic and abiotic stresses.