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Is Development End of the Project? The importance of iOS App Maintenance


Whether it is a Startup, SME or a big business house, everyone is investing in mobility solutions to have a mobile presence. The mobile landscape is becoming profitable for businesses every passing day as smartphone users globally have crossed 2 billion mark. Businesses are now investing in more sophisticated mobile applications which are visually appealing and functionally powerful. Even after investing lavishly in the mobility solutions and success in getting the user base, the mobile applications fail to create desired outcome for businesses in longer run. The reason for the failure of mobile applications is that businesses tend to ignore importance of app maintenance. The iOS app maintenance is even more important for iOS users as they already pay more to get a premium experience.

Performance Monitoring

Development is not the end of a project, for an application the real test begins when it is live. Some of the device specific bugs are identified after the apps are live in the application stores. As the number of users increase, there may be a use case which requires fixes. Performance monitoring is a critical part of app maintenance as it will prevent the app from crashes or deterioration in performance.

Functional Upgrade

The app may require some functional upgrades such as new features which may arise due to the business requirement. For example, your app may require a new payment option, reward system or anything else which suits your business model. The functional upgrade is important for safeguarding the app from becoming obsolete.

Platform Updates

Every year Apple announces an update to its iOS platform. To ensure your mobile application remains consistent with the new version of the mobile operating system, your app needs to be updated with new features or tweaked.

API Monitoring

Most of the time an app depends on an API for its functioning. It’s important to monitor the app and the server management team to keep track of the issues as they arise. API monitoring is also important to prevent potential crashes which can lead users to abandon your app.

App Store Management

Every time there is an update to the app, there is a need to resubmit the app for publishing to the app store. Apple‘s App Store has strict guidelines for app submission, if an app doesn’t adhere to the guidelines it could lead to rejection of the app.


iOS app maintenance is as important as the development of the application. Emphasizing more on the development and less on maintenance can have serious consequences in terms of cost, user experience and brand image which could hamper the purpose for which app was designed for.

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