Wearable Apps Development

Developing Wearable Apps through Best Practices

A distinguished increase in the popularity of the wearable technology in the market has hit the mainstream owing to its great versatility and dynamic characteristics. Apple has recently rolled out its amazing wearable smartwatch while the Android watches have been floating in the market even prior to that. It is quite probable that the wearable market will be shaping up in a bigger and better expansion form in the coming time; eventually holding a significant position in the market of technology!

Android Wear holds a huge share in the market offering an exceptional base for several latest apps; thus making the life of its users easy and stylish. To be very honest, this new and innovative technology has given space for opportunities wearable app development in  as well. It’s a new sphere, giving birth to several other aspects like building latest and the most innovative apps, while there is a lot of scope of explore. In addition to this, as there is a miniscule competition in the market; it makes this as the best time to get into this new, latest and cutting edge technology.

As per a recent study conducted by Statista, it has been revealed that the global wearable market is all set and expected to meet the figure of 19 Billion US Dollars in the year 2018 which ideally exceeds 10 times of what it was around five years back.

Wearable Technology Statistics

Courtesy : Statista

Exploring different types of wearable devices:

1. Glasses:

Wearable Glasses or Smart glasses are special kinds of glasses that showcase information desired by the wearer. Better understood as a wearable computer, Smart glass collects essential details from external or internal sensors and then display it right in front of the user’s eyes. Moreover, it intelligently responds to user’s voice message. For example: If the wearer or user wishes to capture his/her picture on Google Glass then it will immediately click a picture with the command saying “Click Picture” or as it is set by the user. Thereafter, Google glassware application performs behind the scene task.

2. Watches

Wearable Watch or Smart Watch is one of the exceptional products developed with the help of the most popular wearable technology in the market. Apart from displaying the traditional time, it offers almost all from the web, empowering your hands with the best possible information like, news, notifications and much more. Order food, shop online or book a movie ticket and much more; everything can be easily taken care of with the help of wearable watch.

A list of the best, proven practices that boost the development of apps for wearable Devices:

1. Keep knowledge about the latest developments and the latest methodologies.

2. Be aware of the diverse concepts and business verticals, while developing wearable.

3, Be well adept about the latest tools and technologies, concerning the wearable technology.

4. Keep the wearable app quality superior and excellent

5. Irrespective of the size of your business, there would be a wearable app to benefit. 

UI Practices:

Following are some of the most tried and tested practices for the UI design in wearable devices that are imperative and have proven to be beneficial, as of now.

1. Designing Interfaces that are uncomplicated, diverse, offer clarity while being fast to navigate.

2. Keep a tab over the font type and size, in order to overcome the visibility issue on the small screens of the wearable.

3. As text input is not required, try to replace with the technology, using buttons, dials or voice for the users to make their pick and get closer to the information. 

Programming Practices:

There are many programming practices that keep the design principle, a handy product. It is well equipped and fortified with designing aspects, such as images, notifications, pages, actions and voice replies.

Steps to write programs for wearable devices:

Writing programs for wearables also matter. Android offers numerous features that effectively support customized notifications and other details to be displayed. While Glassware further helps in customizing through Google data interception thereby developing promising apps.

Wearable technology is a promising market that is capable for bringing about a fundamental change in the way users are going mobile. There are many new mobile ecosystems that revolve around the wearable devices while making them smooth as well as reliable. To bring about the best results or outcomes the need of the hour is to adapt latest and cutting edge strategies as much as possible.

Relying upon dedicated wearable APIs, is also just another option that adds to the eminence of these modern day mobile technologies.


1. Help you to lay step by step foundation in order to create wearable services

2. Get closer to the users, through personal as well as contextual notifications

3. Have a trace upon the interactions more precisely, accurately, while measuring the transformation.

For its users, wearable apps offer services, being better and more accessible than ever before. The wearable apps are incorporated with seamless surfing, offering the users an option to browse through the programming list. The consumers get notified about the changes, alerts etc. for anything like movie ticket codes. 

A forecasting study undertaken by Business Insider reveals that Apple Watch will control almost half of the Smart Watch market by the year 2017.