Killer Gaming App

Developing a Killer Mobile Gaming App

We all know the success story behind ‘Angry Birds’ and its development across platforms. Seldom we wonder the reason behind its huge success. Analyst and reviewers give their views and comments based on their UX that has been created to give a better UI. But again what is the key to its high recall, acceptance and continuity? The answer lies in a simple word called “Sustainability”.

The best example can be related to “Amar Chitra Katha” in the Indian context. A children comic that has evolved with time and technology. It has been able to sustain the faith, trust and belief among children since its launch and is still much sought after till date.

Let’s analyze the success factors and figure out the elements so that it becomes imperative for mobile game developers to think beyond technology platforms. Unless developers graduate to the next level, it will not be possible for sales and marketing to make it a killer app.

Design & Aesthetics:

There are millions of gaming apps available in the market, and people would relate the best app with regard to the number of same app being downloaded. This criteria is actually wrong because of the fact that many people delete an app after using it. The criteria should be based on sustainability. It means that an app after being downloaded by an user is also retained by the user. User will only retain an app once they find the design and aesthetics to be fluent coupled with pleasing graphics. This is a major element that needs to be considered while designing a mobile gaming app.

Simplicity & Continuity:

Engagement of user will depend on the complexity, hence it is important to keep it simple and easy for them. Familiarity is also another aspect which needs to be kept in mind depending upon the platform of the mobile game development. The key element is that the first onboarding should be easy and simple for the user. Secondly the launch of an mobile gaming app is not the end, rather it should be the beginning with continuous and innovative upgrades at frequent intervals. This will ensure retention by user as they would always strive to move to the next level by overcoming the existing challenges offered by the app.

Phase wise launch:

The launch of mobile gaming app needs to be planned in a phased manner. First a prototype need to be developed and tested in a closed group with the objective of garnering feedback. This will help remove the complexities of engagement. The second step may be a launch by invitation only wherein user are invited by their peers to download to test and use it. From the third stage the mega launch needs to be planned with a complete 3600 marketing strategy. Once launched, the frequency of enhancement and upgrades needs to be maintained so that users are able to retain the level of interest in the mobile gaming app. This is how a mobile gaming app will be able to sustain in the long term.

Marketing Innovation:

Creating a pre-launch buzz is more important then just simply launching the app. Buzz needs to be created to build on the credibility of the brand so that loyalty is retained in the long run. The focus needs to be on localization of the launch based on custom markets as it will ensure affordability and effectiveness. User preference of the communication medium for launch is the key to success. The medium may be either print, electronic or digital or a combination of all depending upon markets and its localization.

Mobile gaming app should be made as a killer app that has an appeal across category of users. Hence it is to be kept in mind that the development platform needs to be native rather than cross platform, as native always has more flexibility in terms of features and their applications. Market research has indicated that almost 50% of the mobile gaming apps are deleted withing 24 hours of its download by its users as they do not find it to be appealing. All the above mentioned factors needs to be kept in mind for developing a killer mobile gaming app. A good research on the existing gaming app UX and UI will help developers to think beyond the thumb rule.