Best Way to Develop a Web Application in .Net

Best Way to Develop a Web Application in .Net

Microsoft’s dot net is one of the most popular frameworks for developing web apps in different ways. Dot net is an open-source and high-performance framework used for building web apps.

The web apps are modern, cloud-based and internet-based and are built using various tools and services.

In this blog, we will spotlight some of the adjoining tools and technologies that can be utilized by dot net developers to build robust web apps.


Every web application requires various tools to develop the most efficient web application. Some of the significant tools which are very helpful for the developers are mentioned below.

Visual Studio:- 

This has always been a core part of the website development process. Many developers are using this to build the most effective web apps. 

Visual studio almost adds all the required features to develop, analyze and debug the web application.

Here are some of the extensions of Visual Studio:- 


The best productivity enhancer plugin in Visual Studio which helps in code refactoring. 

NuGet Package Manager:- 

An open-source management system for dot net development which makes the procedure of integrating the third-party libraries into a dot net website more easily.

Web Essentials:- 

This can be merged into the latest version of visual studio and this is an essential plug-in for the visual studio. Used for enhancing the web app and to write less CSS and HTML.

Version Control System:-

Version control is a management system providing a facility to track the changes that were made. It can also reverse back the changes whenever the developer requires previous changes. 

Some Technologies for .Net:- 

Asp.Net API:-

This is a superior software for developing flexible web apps on the .Net Framework. This helps in building HTTP services approaching a huge range of customers on various devices.

Asp.Net MVC:- 

Asp.Net framework is open-source meaning it is a free web app framework. This framework is completely based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern helps in creating web apps. 

Web apps can differentiate all aspects of the applications.

Asp.Net SignalR:-

SignalR comes with APIs for grouping connections and authorization. This helps in making communication between server and client. This also supports fall back and web sockets to other older versions.

Entity Framework:- 

Known as an object-relational mapper helps web developers to perform utilization of domain-specific objects. 

This reduces the requirement for data-access code which the .Net developer has to write.


An Open-source JavaScript framework managed by Google. The main motto of this is to expand the browser-based web apps with MVC pattern to make development, testing and debugging easy.


Using appropriate tools and technologies of .Net you will be able to build an efficient business based web application. Choosing the best and the most appropriate aspect at the beginning of the project could help one in getting the best ever web apps with .Net.

With the advancement in technology, the clients are expecting a lot for their web apps. Microsoft .Net is a perfect example that delivers high-performance web apps to clients. 


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