Cryptocurrency Trading vs Forex Trading

Cryptocurrency Trading vs Forex Trading

If you are looking to start your own currency trading then you must be wondering what is the difference between currency trading and cryptocurrency trading? And must be wondering which is the best?

Do you know the foreign currency exchange (Forex) and Cryptocurrency market are separate?

The market of these two are different and have different customer type.

Forex Market:- 

  • The forex market is the largest most liquid market in the world. 
  • This is a decentralized global market where all currencies trading takes place worldwide.
  • Forex market, influenced by many factors like job reports, inflation numbers, and political announcements, too.

Cryptocurrency Trading:- 

  • Currencies in the Forex Market are backed by a centralized government, but cryptocurrencies are not. 
  • Hosted online and backed by a peer-to-peer authentication process preventing the user from using the cryptocurrency more than one time.
  • The Cryptocurrency network also generates cryptocurrencies in exchange for people working to secure the network and check entries in exchange for digital cash.

Both Cryptocurrency trading and forex trading are similar to each other in some or another way. But keep in mind they are influenced by different factors.

The cryptocurrency market is more volatile and is unpredictable. That’s why cryptocurrencies can be appealing to traders with a high-risk tolerance.

Essential Features of Forex Trading and Cryptocurrency:- 

Forex Trading

Limitless Supply:- 

Forex market consists of global financial markets, therefore the supply of available currencies is unlimited.

Very High Liquidity:- 

With a large number of participants, the Forex market is simple and easy to trade. Large volumes of currencies can be easily traded here. 


The Influencements are making the trades easier. The traders can easily plan their events ahead of time and can use the techniques for doing the trading.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Finite Supply Available:- 

Limited supply increases demand. Since there is a cap on how many cryptocurrencies can be created, the value often increases.

Very Quick and Permanent Transactions:- 

As the third-party vendors don’t take any transaction fees, cryptocurrencies have low transaction cost.

Available to anyone:- 

These are available for anyone, even if in undeveloped countries without having any proper banking institutions.

Volatility is present in both Forex and Cryptocurrency markets. However, the simple concept is the greater is the risk the more you will get the rewards. 


Trading with both cryptocurrency and forex requires high engagements. Without a proper plan and effective risk management, One can’t gain anything from any of the trading forms. 

But there is no doubt in this that trading with these two will give remarkable opportunities to all the educated investors. 

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