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Crypto Trading Analytics

Crypto currencies are fast catching up, sometimes they take a steep dip and sometime, put you in an awe!  Well, that is the nature of trade market.

Those who keep a close watch on the market prices, make use of the best tools available out there, with eyes glued to the monitors, certainly make decent amounts.  Most of these lucky fellas are professionals.  Now it does not mean that a normal person like you and me, cannot trade.  Yes you can, it just needs a focus on fewer with a right strategy.

Talking about the tricks of trade is hard and beyond the scope of this article.  But still a mention may give you clues and our further articles can further enhance your knowledge and skills to try your hands in this wonderful world of trading.

Keep an eye on the coins which are  –

a) Low in prices – This means, you can achieve a price augmentation of 1.5% giving you slight margin after deducting the exchange fee.

b) Moderate Volume – Well, your trade turns will be faster and you can have as many turns as possible.

c) MACD – Keep a close watch on the MACD numbers with frequency of 9 days, 21 days and 26 days.  A regular progression of highs and lows will give you clear indicators as when to enter and exit.

d) Stochastic – the two lines play very well and give you a clear indication on the next move or pressure on increase or decrease in the prices.  Together with MACD, this will help you take a wise decision.

e) Bollinger – The contraction and expansion of bands put an immense thrust on the prices.  Keeping a close watch on the spikes at the entry of expansion will further provide assurance.

All of the above points certainly require an experienced eye to leverage the strength of indicators and trade accordingly.  And yes, it can be hard if you are dealing with multiple coins.

Take advantage of our high end analytics backed up with AI to help you give the right and easy indicators for the coins that you are targeting.  At the top level, it will be as simple as “buy now” or “sell now” and you can dig deep to know the reasons of these indicators.

Want to trade easily with an excellent AI at your side?  Talk to us now and we will be happy to help you.