Mobile App

Critical Ingredients for a Successful Mobile App

Even through an external object mobile devices have become an inseparable part to human beings and something which we human beings would not want to be without on any given day. Forgetting a wallet is still fine, not the mobile…BY NO MEANS!

And as the importance and usage of mobile devices and that of mobility grows in a phenomenal manner, mobile apps are increasingly becoming mainstream and rightfully so. With goods, services, information and practically everything being readily available on your mobile screen there is no denying the veritable role these mobile apps play and significantly contribute to in making our day-to-day lives simpler and more meaningful.

With the role that a mobile app thus shoulders it then also becomes vital to understand as to what goes into making a successful mobile app so that it ultimately delivers.

Responsiveness : Almost 50% users expect the app to respond within 2 sec. So an app that takes 4 or more seconds to respond is likely to be abandoned immediately by a majority of users and subsequently even by the patient users if the response time is not reduced.

Functionality : Users expect the app to be functional to the extent that the overall design is user friendly and the buttons are clearly laid out for ease of access.

Performance : An app that is stable and performs consistently will naturally appeal to the users. This will mean a better user experience which will improve the star ratings and in-turn increase the no. of downloads.

Frugality : An app that is mild on data consumption and battery usage is sure to delight the users. An app heavy on data and battery consumption will also have a monetary impact on the user and thus attract negative bias.

CONSIDER THIS SERIOUSLY, majority of the app users hold the app (and not the device or network or the OS), rather the maker of the app, responsible for all issues they experience while using the app, irrespective of the actual cause.