Titanium vs Ionic

Create Your Very Own Hybrid Mobile App; Choose from Appcelerator Titanium or Ionic

Hybrid mobile apps help us in getting engaged to our smart phones a lot better. They help us in playing games, exploring social media, clicking pictures, keeping a tab on our health and much more! That is why mobile apps are built with a blend of some of the most innovative web technologies that supports them to access device potentials in a better way. There are various mobile app development tools that offer an amazing platform around, to work upon and play with their different tools. All you need is a cutting edge app idea, even if you don’t carry a sound native development experience. There are many options to explore through, wherein most of them offer exclusive results that is both promising as well as responsive. Amongst them, one should not miss to explore about Appcelerator Titanium and Ionic.

Starting to talk about the Ionic, it certainly is very helpful in building hybrid apps. It creates any project faster, carrying starter templates; it has an app structure that can be customized. It builds and runs native apps, being MIT licensed which is free to use. Ionic is all that you need when you start building great apps and step in the domain of mobile development.

Appcelerator Titanium is yet another powerful cross-platform JavaScript and API Framework that is used to develop iOS and Android mobile development, Windows support. The Titanium makes use of unified JavaScript API, carrying platform specific features along with native performance.

Take a closer look at both of these in order to make your very own pick: 

Appcelerator Titanium

It has been defined, believed and proven that Titanium manages to create some of the most bold, stunning and transformative mobile apps, offering a pensive experience to its users and engaging them to the fullest. This offers a native environment of apps that can develop mobile apps for various platforms.

So, if hybrid mobile app creation is on your mind, then Titanium is the answer to it. Titanium is equipped with various platform APIs and Cloud services in order to use app backend. It originates with an independent API that is extremely easy and gets closer to the phone hardware.

Alloy, an MVC framework is used by Titanium that encourages rapid development of various mobile apps. Many modules developed using native technologies, can be integrated with Titanium. This certainly lowers the development time, along with the lines of coding.


Being an attractive open source front-end framework, Ionic creates some of the most remarkable apps. It streamlines and simplifies development of hybrid mobile apps. It is been looked upon as the most promising HTML 5 mobile app framework that uses SASS, offering various UI components in order to support affluent and extremely interactive apps. It ropes in the most dynamic JavaScript MVVM framework named the Angular js that adds power to its apps. Ionic is considered as one of the most common primary choices, as it uses a two-way data binding, interaction with backend services along with APIs that most of the developers find irreplaceable.

Ionic framework was created with a thought in mind, that HTML5 would certainly rule and grasp an opportune position in the mobile development world, similar to the one it acquired in desktops. But now as the latest mobile technology is evolving and getting progressive, devices carry the ability to run various web applications at the same time. Ionic focuses on native or hybrid apps in place of mobile websites, so it helps in running low level browsers like iOS’s UI WebView or Android’s WebView, adding on to their usability and variant use.

If we are to list down the benefits of using the Appcelerator Titanium and Ionic altogether: 



  • Fast prototyping

  • Browser Limitation

  • Web oriented

  • Lesser Flexibility

  • Java Script

  • Java Script

  • Cross Platform

  • Cross Platform

  • Growing Community

  • Well-covered UI patterns

  • Supported by companion projects

  • Supported by companion projects

We are all living in an era of highly advanced mobile app development that is being evolved by the days and is being considered as one of the most promising sphere. So we leave the decision up to you, so that you can opt for the one you feel is closest to your development requirement, making the entire process easier, less bulky and rapid.