Badass Home Page

How to Create a Badass Home Page like A Pro

The interactive medium (digital) has changed how we do business. And new businesses are no more just broadcasting, but also narrowcasting, and even groupcasting or personacasting.

In the previous decade, when the digital was still new and content overload was still a distant probability, many digital marketers had drawn successes with minimal efforts. This is no more the case. The internet, today, is overflowing with content on almost all topics, products and services just like any real marketplace, which has brought the advertiser back into the realm of digital business. Hence, looking into the growing complexities, you must not just be a digital publisher but also an advertiser, which is more so in the case of creating your badass home page.

Does that scare you?

Don’t be.

Let me break it up for you into 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Establish and communicate the uniqueness of your product/service to start with.

If your business is a game changing new idea, or a new revolutionary way of doing that old stuff in a new way, then your first job would be to clearly state what exact differentiation you are introducing to the world. And what best way to do it than with a ‘How it works’ You Tube video? No need to go overly creative on your script as your idea is itself radical. At this stage you can keep your video script simple so that it explains your concept clearly. Upload your video on YouTube servers and paste the link on your home page. Do not play the video on your server as this will make your site heavy. Playing your video right on your main banner area with a catchy header is not a bad idea as your visitors will see this portion first.


Step 2: Choose how you would speak to your customer.

Next, choose the tonality of your language carefully. Test run your product with a sample of your target audience and observe what they speak when they use your product. Note all their reactions and pick out a funny one and paste it over your top banner area that plays your ‘How it works’ video. Insert a small explanatory note to this funny statement just below it briefing out your product proposition, i.e. the exact pain point that your product/service is helping to solve.

The above two steps, if followed diligently would generate a very good feel of your business idea and also give a fantastic first impression to your target customers, thereby warming them up to your business proposition right from the word go.

Step 3: Keep your menu bar clean and simple.

Since your idea is in itself new hence it is advisable to not clutter your home page with too many options. Hence, to start with, keep your menu bar clean and concise. Not bombarding your visitors with too many options on the menu would assist in their better understanding of your product. Keep only those options which would absolutely help them in navigating between your pages.


Step 4: Say what your clients think about you.

Once your website starts registering sufficient footfalls and your business picks up speed, pick out any extraordinary achievement and present it aesthetically through your top banner. The message should be such that your target customer feels more confident of using your product while getting motivated for generating a positive WOM (word of mouth) publicity for your brand.


To conclude, remember your home page is not a place where you should hard sell your proposition; there would be other pages for that like a landing page for an email campaign, to mention one. Current trends indicate that home pages are particularly suitable for landing brand building campaigns which are typically not meant for achieving sales leads.