6 Common SEO Mistakes and Tricks To Avoid Them

Did you know that a few tweaks to your E-commerce store could drastically increase your traffic & sales?? Writing awesome product description is one of the most powerful ways to get more results. Let’s check out what are the few SEO mistakes which peoples do and how to fix them.

Let’s make sure you actually have a description (Avoid thin content pages!)

There are lots of stores that do not have any description just have a picture. This misses out on a large opportunity because Google won’t know what your page is all about.
Even simple products deserve compelling content that will motivate your customers to buy. Let’s see an example…

The necklace on its own looks nice, but without content, there is nothing driving the buyer to make a purchase. If this is the only thing on the page, this would be considered thin content, which is very hard to rank!!
Now take a look at the included description for the necklace:-


This description takes the product from just another necklace to a compelling story that motivates the buyer to complete the purchase.
By adding content to the page, you tell Google what your pages are all about, and help your customers to know the value of the product.

Create unique descriptions (Don’t use the default manufacturer description!)

One common problem that many stores have is using the manufacturer’s description. The problem is that everyone else that sells the product is doing the same thing!
Google sees the Duplicate content in your website as well as well as your competitor’s and measures both as same and it will be very hard to rank. Creating unique contents is easier said than done when you are selling hundreds of products, but the investment is imperative if you want to rank in Google.

Do keyword research & optimize your description for SEO (Don’t neglect!)

If you want to increase your search traffic, make sure to include keywords that customers are actually searching for!
By doing some simple keyword research, you can come up with lots of ideas of keywords to include in your title, description, and content that will help boost your relevance and traffic.
There are many keyword research tools which help in doing well-optimized keyword research for the relevancy and traffic.
In addition, keyword research can give you great ideas on features and benefits that you’ll want to include. One important thing- Make sure to avoid keyword stuffing. It is so easy to over-optimize your keywords on product pages if they do not have much content. The last thing you want Google to see is that your page has thin content that is stuffed with keywords!

Try to hook the audience (Avoid writing boring)

What is good is getting your target customer to your product page if they bounce in 3 seconds? Let’s check the difference between the below 2 examples:-

  1. Used 2015 Yamaha Waverunner jet ski. Blue and white 1 owner. Great shape!

..or you could hook your customer with something like this:

  1. It’s time to feel the rush and excitement you have dreamed of on the beautiful open water. Nothing thrills like a jet ski and our pristine used 2015 Yamaha Waverunner jet ski are the perfect craft for you. A metallic blue accents the luxurious white hull. This personal watercraft comes gently used by 1 previous owner who kept it in great shape.

By hooking the audience with an exciting introduction, you draw the reader in and get them to continue reading…and entice them to buy your product.

Write to connect with the customer (Don’t just list features!)

You’ve spent a lot of money, time, and effort on your store and yet your conversion rates are just not what you hoped for. Does this sound good?
The factor you could be missing is the buyer’s trust. If your descriptions are clearly computer generated, you are missing a powerful connection you could have with the customers.

Let’s see an example:-

  1. Our watches are the best. They are made of stainless steel and built to last. We offer free shipping on orders over $99. Quality is guaranteed! We are the #1 company and the best…”
  2. “You are a man that knows exactly what he is looking for in a watch. This timeless piece is made of 100% US stainless steel that will compliment any outfit. You can dress down or pair this with your favorite suit. If you need a watch that you can count on day after day, then this is your perfect match.

Break up your copy (Don’t write a wall of text)

Target both types of buyers The in-depth researchers and the skimmers. You can win the trust of both by including a long well-formatted description that includes bullet points. That way the studious buyers get all the info they need and the skimmers can head straight to the bullet points.
If you have long paragraphs, it’s easy for a reader to get tired and bounce out of the page. By keeping paragraphs short and using styling like bold and bullet points to break up the texts, it’s easier to get a reader visually engaged!!


In the end, remember you are trying to win the affection of Google’s bots, but as importantly, you want product description that captures your customer’s trust and gets them to convert
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