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4 Tools For Selecting Mind Blowing Color Schemes For Your Website

For a very long time you as well as myself used to wonder about the secrets of the visually stunning websites, their colors and their branding. How they manage to deliver such uniformed feeling when you visit those sites? How do they choose the colors schemes that blend on top of each other almost like telling a story? Well, it is not a secret that behind every exceptional looking websites stands an exceptional front-end developer and marketer. The second guy is kinda of rare specie and you cannot create him with any tool.

Lickily (if we can call luck the work of multiple brillian minds),  the rapid progress of the tech industry has given us the savvy ones tools for achieving the magic that the first guys used to hold monopoly upon – great design. What follows below is a review of free tools that can help you choose the perfect color schemes for your website. It takes a matter of minutes acquainting with them. Keep reading..

Adobe Kuller

color schemes, color palettes

Meet the color wheel coming from the majesty of design itself. By simply dragging the pointers located on the color wheel you can easily determine 5 complementary or contrasting color schemes which you can use for your new web project. Now only complementary but also analogous, monochromatic, compound and triad color schemes are also available. With Adobe Kuller you do not have to be web design expert. All it takes is to recognize a good color combination from the thousands offered by Adobe Kuller. Try it out


If it is too much of a challenge to do dragging of cursors on color wheel then you can opt in for even simpler alternative. Once Colourco is loaded on your web browser, the entire visible part of the screen gets colored depending where on the screen your cursor is being positioned. All you have to do is drag the mouse to the different parts of the screen and see how the color keeps changing while the hexadecimal code for that color is immediately being generated. Just like Adobe Kuller you can choose among several different color groups, like complementary, triad, monochromatic etc plus you have the option to instantly save the color scheme or download it as png or .scss file

color schemes, color palettes

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Color Thief

This one uses slightly different approach (thank you Lokesh Dhakar). If you have a desperate crash on particular image then you can use Color Thief to upload that image and to extract the dominating colors on it. Simple and sexy. You can find multiple ways to use this simple web tool. For example it is important to provide unified feeling and branding across your online platforms. With Color Thief you can ensure that the colors of your logo for example are being properly applied across your web properties say your website. Try it for your self and let us know how you feel about it.

color schemes, color palettes


If you are only interested in choosing complementary colors for your web projects, then Colllor will be the best option for you. The process goes very simple and smooth. Just define the primary color and voila, witness the magic. Colllor will generate 3 color schemes for you – tones, mix and similar colors. The hexadecimal color is displayed above every color block and you can copy it just with a click on that color block.  If you are not advanced in webdesign and do not wish to play with colors then colllor will be your new best buddy.

color schemes, color palettes

These are the 4 color pallete tools we recommend for you. We are sure that you may know or used another one which you cannot wait ’till you share it with us… Go ahead, empty you head and share your thoughts on these tools