Cloud & IoT for Digital Publishing

Cloud and IoT Apps for error-free Publishing and Increased Production

The smartphone revolution fueled the proliferation of mobile apps which brought about unprecedented transformations in the business world.  The media and publishing industry has been a slow mover in adopting mobility solutions that allowed technology giants such as Google and Yahoo to take away a major chunk of the advertising revenue. Internet of Things technology is again set to bring about a paradigm shift in the business world.

Publishing is all about circulating the right content at the right time for the right audience. As the organizations are becoming data driven; IoT will help establish information marketplaces that will help to publish right content at right time to reach the right audience. IoT will support circulating localized content with the help of location information of the audience. The location information will allow proximity marketing which will help publishers in generating more revenues.

Internet of Things will facilitate automated journalism and authorship based on predictive insights. In the near future, reporting will be analysis driven and machine moderated. The standardized analytics will help in “actionable personalization” to publish content tailor-made to suit personal preferences of the audience. Consider this example, a news stand which is placed in locations such as bus stops, parks, hotels, library etc. will send information on the latest articles and magazines available on the stand. The mobile apps installed on the smartphones will interact with the newsstand and provide information on the personal preference of the user.

In recent times, cloud computing brought a plethora of benefits for publishers with budget constraints. Cloud computing provides IT infrastructure at significantly reduced cost with flexibility to pay per service. While traditional computing requires buying capacity sufficient for peak times, with cloud computing more capacity can be provisioned for peak times and it can be de-provisioned when no longer required. Cloud-based apps improve mobility for publishers as data and applications are available without the restrictions of time or location. The cloud apps are highly reliable and robust as they can offer 99.99% server uptime. Cloud computing provides high-end data encryption that safeguards data against unauthorized access. The cloud resources are very helpful for self-publishers as managed clouds solutions are monitored by hosting providers and publishers can focus on the content.


Cloud and IoT apps streamline the publishing and distribution process to help publishers focus on what matter most to their business i.e. “content”.  While cloud-based apps provide IT infrastructure to support error free publishing. Internet of Things will help publishers in getting automated insights to design contextually relevant content.

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