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This Is How Chinese Do LinkedIn Marketing

How far would Chinese marketers go to attract attention and traction? Are they actually successful in taking moves that almost no one else would dare? Are their moves capable of yielding actual results or can only serve as a case study or prank of the day? This morning I was going through my daily shot of information and connecting with new LinkedIn members, when a Guy Kawasaki featured blog post named “How to talk like TED” got my attention. Come on, who wouldn’t be?

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So far everything is as usual. However,  the interesting part appeared when I started srolling down looking at the comments for the blog post

ted 2

If you observe the image you will notice that every comment has been liked by a particular LinkedIn profile named Dragon D. It was a quite unusual scenario. My guts told me to stop because it cannot be anything good, but the curios cat inside me screamed to check. Come on, I am on LinkedIn and what evil could a click possibly bring?

After the click I was presented with the following LinkedIn profile:

 ted 3

A dragon appeared on my screen. Or at least that’s how the yogurt skin bikini girl from the profile picture calls herself. It is actually a dragon that sells watches and suits, with link enclosed for quick access.

Now I was about to enter a dangerous zone – visiting that link could bring me to any sort of malicious site. It can’t be that bad I thought. The copy-paste of the link in my browser has brought me to the following website:

 ted 4

Ups… Sorry. My bad (thanks Google Translate)

 ted 5

Come on Blaze, it is not a malicious website, it is just an innocent e-commerce website. No it is not even that, it looks like free stock photographs repository of luxury goods such as watches and purses. I don’t know exactly, I did not bother figuring it out.

But check this out – The sharing bar on the bottom of the page makes things even better. A RenRen sharing button with  “Share on Facebook” hover text. Peace to that!

ted 6

Lets summarize it. From Guy Kawasaki I have reached all the way to a Chinese stock photography website. Congratulations Chinese boy or girl, you have surely nailed it. I think you will make some senior old guy’s day on LinkedIn a pleasant one.

What about you folks? Have you noticed a similar example? Share some knowledge in comments.



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