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Checklist for selecting Mobile App Development Company


It is projected that by 2017, the app downloads will cross a staggering 268 billion mark and whopping $ 77 billion revenue will be generated through apps. There is no time better than now to invest in a mobile application for your business. To get an app that suits your business requirements and satisfy the targeted users, you need to take a well-informed decision while selecting the mobile app development company. Here is a small yet powerful checklist you should refer to while selecting the vendor.

Project Delivery

Project Delivery

You need to ensure that whether the mobile app development company you intend to assign the app development project has a reputation for delivering apps on time or not? For your business it’s important to make your app available for the users on time as any delays will have cost repercussions. A mobile app development firm that adhere to deadlines will be a safer bet for your investment.

App Development Portfolio

App Portfolio

You need to go through the portfolio of mobile apps a particular vendor have developed in the past. By scanning the portfolio you will get to know whether they have prepared any similar apps as you wish to get developed for your business. You will also learn about the exposure of the app development company in developing apps for your business domain. You can also download some of the company’s apps from app stores to get a better insight on the experience your app’s end user will get.

Client References

Client Reference

Being able to listen to the perspective of someone who has experienced the service of the app development company will help in taking a well-informed decision. The client reference helps in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a particular app development company. You will also learn about any gaps in what the app development company pitches about themselves and what the clients have to say.

App Developer’s Experience

App Developers

If some app development company is offering you “too good to be” true development charges then certainly they are working with a team of inexperienced developers. Experienced designers and developers offer a level of craftsmanship which is required for getting a functionally powerful and visually appealing app for your business. An experienced workforce will help in releasing the app on time in the market. If you are comfortable with the trade-off between cost and delivery then you can select an app development firm which is less experienced workforce.


A wise decision would be to thoroughly evaluate a mobile app development firm before getting things on paper rather than trying to rectify things afterward. When you choose a mobile app development firm that meets your requirements and expectation you will sure have a long lasting business relationship.

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