Chatbots for Retail: What Are They and How Retailers Can Use Them to Spark Sales

Chatbots are grabbing attention and many retail companies jumping into the ‘personalisation’ bandwagon, adopting this innovative technology. Having the capability to inform users, based on preferences it has successfully established a close the gap between online shopping and conversational commerce.

Let’s understand what are chatbots? These are computer programs that imitate conversation with people using artificial intelligence and machine learning and do react to spoken or written prompts in order to deliver services and answer to the query. This technology has transformed the way people make interaction on the internet.

In general, these chatbot provide a strong user interface to customers via APIs and deliver on demand information and services. For instance; weather forecasts or breaking news.

As Chatbots entered the market it had showcased a positive impact on businesses. Now, it will be interesting to unfold what is the next step? And what do the future promises for this technology?

  • With chatbots, the possibilities are likely that messaging apps will act like new browsers, what earlier business websites were doing. According to Forrester Research, it is expected that investments in AI and Machine Learning will increase thrice in 2017, which will improve the user behavior and enhance the conversational interface introduced by bots.
  • Messaging apps and chatbots will accompany IoT installations. For instance, this technology will send coupons, notifications on sales etc., to customers via voice messages even if they pass by the store. Beside this, the bots can help factory employees to stay connected with their machinery, use the data collected in an efficient manner.
  • App culture has experienced a boom in the recent past years, however, it is also expected that chatbots will soon overtake the market. Though, the apps/platforms are enriching the business in retail as well as other industry vertical. Using chatbot platforms, integrating bots in apps is possible.

As we know, the retail business is quite complex and face difficulties in handling issues, as such business management, interaction with customers, data security and etc. Among all, one of the biggest challenge is dealing with so many customers at the same time and assisting everyone as quickly as possible. Further, meeting customized client experience is also necessary in this modern retail and ecommerce business.

Therefore, retail businesses are using chatbots to streamline and automate routine retail operations. Let’s have a dip on the major benefits of chatbots and how they help retail companies to engage audiences and increase sale.

Chatbots Provide Customer Service:

A good customer services are the foremost things that a retailer needs to have in order to attract customer and build brand loyalty. For example, either your customer looks for item purchase or search for nearest store, they will address customer service, that can be done through email, live chat, and phone. Today, chatbots are helping customers to solve their issues by providing online customer service straight in a mobile messenger app, which further helps to boost sales.

Chatbots Notify Customers about the Latest Collections:

In order to boost your customers, it’s quite mandatory to make proper engagement, which can be done by sending notification and sms alert. When  your customers know about the latest collections and trendiest prices, they feel valued and step ahead to shop. Thus, the chatbots are rapidly replacing the mainstream email marketing, resulting in complete customer engagement with products and services, hence by boosting sale.

Chatbots Help Find Items:

Not to surprise, these days the e commerce companies are relying on chatbots and use it as personal shoppers for their customer. This reduces the effort and also helps customer save time, and automatically increase sale.

Chatbots Find the Nearest Store:

Whenever, you look for nearby store, you find it complicated and time taking, well, this can be shorted out hassle by receiving instant suggestion from a chatbot in just a few clicks. And when the customer easily finds the nearby preferred store, they can completely engaged and this helps in accelerating retail sale.

Chatbots Send Shipping Information:

When a customer is able to track their order, what else can be more happiness. chatbots are helping to reduce the number of steps that a user has to take in order to get shipment information. With chatbots customers can get involved in instant discussion. It is quite natural that sale will increase when customer get direct and instant assistance.

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