Ruby on Rails vs. Node.js

Challenging facet of Choosing between Ruby on Rails vs. Node.js

While this question has been sprouting up in every corner of the internet, it definitely needs an explanation and an answer, undeniably. There is unmistakably a requirement to clear up this confusion while being sure about the one you’d pick and use.

Numbers do talk

There is no better way to judge a system, than look at the number of its users! It has been evidently seen in the market, the Node.js is coming up like never before. But does this prove it better? It definitely means something; either Node is easier than Ruby or people are just trying to be in Sync with the new thing in town. No doubt, both the systems are working towards in a close knit competition with each other. They are almost equally popular, good as well as bad. It all depends on the number of modules you use from each.

The comparison is just not justified

Equipped with one’s own set of features, qualities and benefits, it becomes quite challenging to compare these two sets of frameworks with one another. Since both have different intensities; comparing Ruby to Node.js is just not reasonable. Node is an application runtime environment that permits its user to write server oriented applications in JavaScript.

Node has been misinterpreted as a framework, just like Ruby, while it is a runtime with custom libraries. 

A closer Look

Rails outshine when:

  • The database is complex
  • You have a well structured app
  • There could be end number of requests
  • Presence of administrative Interfaces

Node.js steps in when there are:

  • APIs
  • Web/Mobile apps are in real time
  • Less memory footprint

With this being defined, a website or web service can bring about both of them together and enjoy hosts of their benefits. 

The Development Speed         

While the modern digital world is rapidly evolving, things beyond doubt need to be quicker, considering the kind of agitation and competition in the market. When we talk about the Development speed, there is nothing that beats Ruby. Irrespective of the fact behind understanding the role of JavaScript in and out in Node.js, Ruby knocks it down with its amazingly high speed. Even the most used CRUD application can be built using Ruby that carries a few database migrations and few commands. On the other hand while using Node.js, it is essential to be more involved in giving structure to an application as well as exploring through the modules. 

Rich Tutorials

The internet is flooded with numerous comprehensive and inclusive tutorials on Ruby on Rails wherein there is enough material available in abundance to learn about its concepts. It is imperative to learn all about a system, before you start using it, in terms of its modules, arrays, variables etc.

On the other hand, there is comparatively less information out there to be learnt for Node.js. So if in case you are amongst the explorer kinds, you might get to face a little disappointment here. However the best part about using Node.js is that it is open for expert developers as well as front-end beginners. So it is essential to learn Java, while learning about Node.js.


There is certainly no classification between Ruby on Rails and Node.js. The key decision of picking or choosing the one entirely depends upon the requirements. It is very essential for a developer to understand the development needs in order to choose the one suiting it. However, if you are a start up or a fresher then it is good to go for Ruby on Rails as it will help in developing quickly and easily.

Both Ruby as well as Node.js would help in achieving similar results. Rails is the perfect choice for quick development, while Node.js can be made faster if you use the skeleton app or some pre-grouped Node modules.

So, work towards the one closest to you, pick the one you rely upon, understand and execute it!