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Appcelerator Vs. PhoneGap – Which One Is Better For Native Mobile Applications?

Image credit: www.9elements.com Although not a David vs. Goliath type of battle, this is a question that our sales team often gets from our respected clients whenever we negotiate best practices for upcoming mobile application development project. I am sure most of you would be happy to see this question resolved permanently here on Mobiloitte’s […]

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Talking Success in Mobile Application Development – 4 Things Most Development Companies Fail To See in 2013

Image Credit: www.everythingbecky.com Don’t you feel melancholic about those good old days when skyrocketing your new mobile application was so easy and fun at the same time? All we had to was to build a stunning application which does something amazing, get the marketplaces like iTunes and Google feature us, organize a big launching event […]

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