PhoneGap, Cross-Platform Mobile

As Business Prospective: PhoneGap Is One of the Best Cross-Platform for Creating Mobile Apps

If you are a business owner and concerned about creating an application that can be accessed from different smart devices, you need to consider these two popular platforms, iOS and Android. Developers are taking keen interest to target these platforms and are creating native separate apps for these two platforms. Designing and coding same app for two platforms creates lot of extra work, like writing separate codes and maintaining the flow for user.

But today in this world of fast moving technology, it is possible to create apps for all mobile platforms with a single set of codes. This has become possible because of cross-platform technology, and PhoneGap mobile app development framework which we going to discuss in this post are one of the best services for same.

Let start with some of the great advantages that PhoneGap offers to developers:

The User Interface: UI/UX in apps holds uttermost importance for its success, which is built using CSS, JavaScript and HTML. The UI layer is a web view that uses 100% of the device height and width. The web view used by PhoneGap is just the same used by the native operating system. On Android, it is android.webkitWebView and on iOS it is the Objective-C UIWebView class.

The API: PhoneGap offers an API that allows developer to access functionalities of native operating system using JavaScript.  Developers can take advantage of out of the box functionalities and JavaScript-to-native communication mechanism to build native plugins.


High Level Application Architecture: PhoneGap can work with any app server using standard web protocols. The application server allows business calculations and logic and retrieves data from a separate data repository. The app does not communicate directly to a database, but connects through app server. The client side architecture uses a single page app model and the application logic is inside a single HTML page. It also supports the Multi page client side app architectures.

Application Packaging and Distribution: Mobile solutions are created by using HTML, JavaScript and CSS and final product is a binary app that can be distributed though a standard app ecosystem. For iOS, the output file is an IPA file, for Window Phone, it is a XAP file, and for Android it is an APK file. These are same packaging formats used by native apps and can be used to distribute through appropriate ecosystems like iTunes Store, Amazon Market, BlackBerry App World, etc.

When to select PhoneGap as your Development Platform?

If you are in need for a rapid mobile app development and want to deploy it on multiple platforms, then PhoneGap can be an advantage for both programmers and marketers. For projects that require speed and a cross platform support, PhoneGap is an awesome tool and is also supported by a great community that enhances the technology with constant updates, tutorials and examples. There are more than 120,000 apps developed using this platform, and we at Mobiloitte have also created some great apps using PhoneGap for business owners that have contributed greatly to business growth and development.