ODC Agile Process

How Your Business Can Benefit From the Agile Development Model in an Offshore Software Development Environment

Dynamic business relies heavily on the results, collaboration and the power of a company’s bureaucracy to come up with long withstanding decisions that can generate return on investment (ROI).

So, how does a company generate considerable ROI by allocating resources the right way? To be true, it is the perfect mix of slender budgets, flexibility of decisions and dedication towards the business’s software-oriented approach which makes or breaks the business’s feasibility in the long run.

How Does A Business Benefit From Software Development?

  • There are many companies that are now realizing the hidden potential of software over paper, email and other methods of promotion.
  • Not only does the software help the targeted customer do something important, the software also generates considerable ROI via money generation methods like PPC or brand marketing via the software’s prowess.
  • Not only that, software development also helps a company streamline its workflow from the basic manufacturing level to the bureaucratic level – one step at a time!

What Methodology Is Best?

  • There are many methods of software development like Agile Software Development Methodology, Crystal Methods Methodology, Dynamic Systems Development Model Methodology, Extreme Programming (XP) Methodology, and Spiral Methodology and so on.
  • What these methodologies claim to do is to help a business streamline its expenditure to cut down on wastage or resources (any kind of resources) to help the company focus more on its software development and to fulfill its targets more efficiently.
  • Most companies adopt the Agile model for its flexibility. Other methods are applicable according to the software goals, budget and the method of programming involved, but Agile development seems like the most popular choice amongst software developers due its mannerisms of change in a laid-out plan.  Changes can be incorporated as and when required unlike the traditional waterfall model.
  • Another benefit of Agile model is the ability to send in completed code in for review before the actual software is deployed. This way, bugs are detected faster and the project goes on in a perfect loop.

Should Your Business Adopt The Agile Process For Your Offshore Software Development Targets?

  • Yes! Why? Because Agile development offers a healthier working environment that helps to get inputs from all the departments faster.
  • Also, the results are crunched faster thanks to constant feedback from the client which helps to incorporate changes while the project is still on. This puts less burden on the software developers to incorporate massive changes once the entire code has been written. No one likes to sort bugs inside an entire compilation of code.
  • If your business is a start-up (Web 2.0 and internet based), this model will help you achieve more with tiny budgets and complete even cumbersome projects with ease. A ‘beta’ logo is what it takes to put your software on the market, the suggestions that come in, help to form the stable release.
  • Agile methods work best for smaller teams so that they can adapt to changing conditions. A larger company is better off with the waterfall model like the Dynamic Systems Development Model Methodology or the Spiral Methodology which goes a step at a time and does not progress until code is clean.
  • With offshore outsourcing to an Offshore Development Centre (ODC), you need to be able to manage the deal (the project) with ease. Since the Agile method encourages communication and collaboration between the developers, designers and the intended project authority, the flexibility of feedback is paramount.
  • Agile models work best on the predictive-adaptive criterion to work on a project that does not stop, it goes on until completion. The price factor is always an issue, but the provider will always help the client achieve the targets of the contract thanks to the model’s unique ability to turn responsiveness into worthwhile changes in code.

If you are convinced, shape a deal with the provider that helps you stay involved in the project, no matter what the location you are currently at. Frequent communication, understanding of your business’s value and ideologies will help the team understand your goal.

This method reeks of transparency and reduces the need of unnecessary middlemen. That is the best reason to help you save more money! Setting up your own branch in other countries helps the company achieve business stability with economical advantage. Simply calculate all costs and risks and always keep in mind the local talent.

An ODC employing Agile methodologies with build-operate-transfer (BOT) models will help your business infrastructure grow as well as reap the benefits in the future. The use of a common language, common coding standards, a dedicated source-control server, the ability to build-and-deploy scripts with continuous integration will help build a professional environment. After all, that is what you seek from an ODC!