Event Specific App

Why Building Event Specific App is a Good Idea: When to make it Live?

There is an upsurge in the number of events taking place every year. An event is one of the most effective forms of PR which can help a business in communicating its brand value. The proliferation of mobile apps has positively impacted the event industry. As an event organizer, you might be in a dilemma that whether you should go for an event-specific app or not. Here are some numbers which will help you take the decision. The statistics reveal that in 2015 itself 44% of the visitors used an event-specific mobile app and it is projected to grow to 56% this year. The event professionals list “session descriptions” and “schedules” as most important features of their mobile apps. Event specific app plays an important role making the event go viral.

Event Specific App benefits

There are a plethora of benefits offered by an event-specific app. An event-specific app can provide interactive, paperless event guidance. The app can help in making the event go viral by encouraging networking and social shares. The app can enhance the overall experience of the participants and the visitors. The app will also help in promoting your brand and boosting attendee loyalty. The apps will offer a high-return if it is crafted intelligently.

Event App Features

The app should have a scheduling function which holds an overview of the event. The app should hold a mapping function to provide GPS-enabled navigation which will assist visitors in reaching the event. The event-specific apps have features to publish rich media and interactive photo galleries. The apps can have dedicated CMS to push notifications and promote news. To drive engagement, the app can promote a contest. The app can stream content from previous year event to get repeat visits. The event app can have interactive functionality such as instant messaging platform and should have socialization features for getting social shares.  The app can be used to build a community related to the event.

Event App Consideration

There are some important considerations for your event app. You have to decide that whether you will get the app designed for iPhone or android users. Would you like to get a native app for a dedicated platform or will you like to go for a hybrid app which will be released cross-platform? One of the most important decision would be when to make it live. The time when the app should go live depends on the nature of the app. Ideally the app should start engaging audience a week before the event by sending push notifications.


An event-specific mobile app strategy is a prerequisite for the success of your event in this smartphone era.

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