Pharmaceutical Apps

Brilliant Mobile Apps That Boost Pharmaceutical & Medical Sales

The healthcare industry is witnessing a massive surge in demand for high-quality medicines, medicinal derivatives, medical equipment and other equipment of medicinal or recuperative value. Sadly, for most manufacturers it has been a very rocky journey in the past. Why? Since they are simply unable to cope up with the demand and are forced to meet their supply chain with whatever produce they can manage.

Enter Technology of 2015 – Mobile Apps

Not anymore!

Ever since technology came into the fray, companies that are world leaders in supplying various kinds of medical equipment and therapeutic care to the world’s customers are now finding it easier to manage their demand-supply chain management easier with mobile apps and tools that are helping them automate many manual processes that took a lot of time to manage in the past.

Now, delivering state-of- the-art medical technology for various kinds of musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiovascular disorders, surgical procedures and other treatments for chronic health conditions is easier and more streamlined than ever before!

How To Mobile Apps Help The Medical Industry Do This?

  • Every medical company has an aim to alleviate the pain of its intended customers and to restore their health with an extension of life. To help them achieve this, they maintain regular contact with clinicians. This way, their sales reps quickly pulls up information about people in need of medical attention and graphics are used to sell and elaborate product details in a more endearing manner.
  • With mobile apps, putting up presentations for the new-age visionary medical technologies intended for enlightening the health care professionals, patient advocacy groups and individual patients is now easier, redefined and adds a personal touch to the entire process.
  • Sending information to customers and patients in need of immediate medical technology is also easier now, thanks to cloud-based services and seamless integration on multiple platforms. This way, the information sent is used better by the people.

How Do In-House Apps Help Build A Pharma Business?

  • In-house apps have helped Pharma companies streamline and integrate efficiency to enhance their customer engagement.
  • Since these apps are protected and password secure, they hold proprietary information which helps the company give access to such data only to the qualified staff, which needs it in the field for promoting the business in business engagements and tender submission breakthroughs.
  • For anytime and anywhere product ordering and registration, there are apps that act as field productivity tools for sales reps that help them directly place orders on behalf of the customers with a 24/7 link to the back-end system.
  • Some apps help the company manage its content application methods to help the sales staff to organize and present the product information by specific audience or topic for better distribution. This way sensitive data reaches only its intended audience. It can be revoked or controlled as required.

Revolutionizing Medical Business Opportunities with Mobile Apps

  • These apps are seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft Exchange server to help the company’s hierarchy from the CEO to the sales representative stay abreast of the latest email, contacts and updated calendars from anywhere in the world.
  • Since the sales reps travel a lot, they can carry all information related to the company on a mobile device and even access email during transit. This way an always-working environment is induced.
  • Since a company has so many reps, they use mobile device management (MDM) systems to manage and update multiple user profiles with an added layer of SSL security. The MDM allows easy access to the backend via email, Wi-Fi and VPN with user authentication.
  • If any sales rep (and his device) hasn’t “checked in” recently for authorization, the MDM can automatically ‘remote-wipe’ proprietary data to keep it safe.
  • Since mobile devices are an ‘always on’ technology, they have a large battery life. This way, the offices are turning paperless and all latest information related to the company sales and advertising like presentations, PDF files, product literature and dynamic advertisement videos can be carried easily on a mobile device rather than having to carry multiple reams of paper.
  • Following-up on sale is also easier; email the customer with appropriate material is way easier than making constant phone calls.
  • Sending critical information about new medical innovations and breakthroughs to multiple physicians and patients worldwide is also easier. This way, the entire sales and marketing interface of the company gets connected to the world on a large scale.

Mobile devices are helping medical innovators, medical equipment providers and medical sales forces to think differently and act differently in comparison to the methods they used in the yesteryears. Now, sending the right information at the right time to the right customer is easy and has become a game-changer for the health care industry – thanks to mobile apps!