Bots in Education

Do Bots really have scope in Education Vertical? In what way Productive?

Advent of Conversational Education

In the near future, a chat bot will hold a conversation with a student as a tutor and respond to the queries. The technology giants are aware of the opportunities presented by bots and are focusing on the conversational education facilitated by bots. Facebook has given a major incentive to developers by providing them a platform for creating bots. The potential of bots in education vertical can be well understood from the words of world’s richest man and founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. As he said in an interview with verge,

”You know, part of the reason I’m so willing to tackle new subjects is that for each of those subjects, if I get utterly confused, I know somebody I can send an email to, and they’ll straighten me out. If you can’t have somebody straighten you out, and say, is this as complicated as I think? Am I missing something here? Then you’re probably not as ambitious. For a lot of subjects, as they get older, people are not willing to take that learning risk where they are confused.”

Bots in Education Vertical

Chatbots will be able to stimulate human interaction and assist students, parents, teachers and administrators by providing a digital ecosystem for effective communication. Chatbots are already being used by Georgia State University wherein a chat bot helps the student navigate the college transition process. The students can apply for student aid, register for classes and apply for housing with the help of chat interface.

The bots will be crucial for conducting research as they will fetch the right information based on search criteria provided. Researchers would not have to waste time in searching for the right information and references. A teaching assistant bot is already being designed which will answer routine questions of the students. Rather than asking the professor about when is the due date for the assignment, a student can ask teaching assistant bot. This will help human professors to focus more on learning and address more meaningful issues. The bots are not going to replace human interaction but in some instances, they will collaborate with humans to enhance interaction. The bots will facilitate human responding or edit the content which is passed on to the student.


The infusion of bots in education has already begun. Presently the instant messaging mobile apps present immense opportunities to integrate bots in diverse applications. With the advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, the bots will take more critical roles in the education vertical.

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