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Blog, Social Media, Email, SEO – What Has Worked For Us And Why?

So many online platforms to advertise on.. So many more seem to be coming. You want to try them all. Most of you will get stuck after an experiment or 2 finding yourselves unable to exploit even what has already been here and established for so long.

That is a problem thousands of online marketers and community managers are facing. Blogs, Social media, Social bookmarking services, static web pages, SEO, Email campaigns. So many of them and we kinda lack a resource or some sincere soul that would share some sincere insights and best practices with total conviction that Yes, this has worked for me.

What may work for you can be different based on your unique skills, research, practice and nature of your business.  Below follows a summary of what has worked for us across various platforms. You have walked a long way. Your questions may be answered here. Keep reading…


Blogs are getting back to their basics. This means – don’t go too far with too polished news agency looking type of blogs unless you really need to. Content gets back to the focus more than ever. Focus on it and make it readable and user friendly. John O Nolan one of the chief architects behind WordPress figure this out and he created Ghost to show us the next generation of blogs.

Run an editorial calendar. So simple and yet so difficult to implement. Not technically or time consuming but just a matter of doing it. There was never a bigger agnostic than me when it comes to using editorial calendar because I saw it as another way to bury myself under one more extra Excel sheet and procrastinate.

The benefit – you get to see all ideas that you generated in the past period, note your direction of thinking and inspiration and combine multiple ideas and titles to create something new. Therefore, get that Excel sheet or make surf for some ready made editorial calendar template. HubSpot has some of the best.

blog social media seo

Expand the categories/topics for which you blog. We are Enterprise class Mobile and Web Development company. However we do not limit ourselves to coding and applications when it comes to our blog post. Some lifehacks like the one that highlights 10 Things I do to start a day of Fulfillment is there and some career story as well. Not convinced? Check out Buffer’s blog. These guys have done my favorite social media posting app on all times. Despite that you can find lot more on their corporate blog – personality development, hacking workplace success, productivity and even travel. Catch a reader on one of these and you may have him coming back for lot more soon. Of course I do not intend to blog about shoes anytime soon.

Blog hard and blog often. At least 3 times per week. Try to deliver even more than that. Google loves fresh and regularly maintained blog and will send its crawlers more often on your blog. Stronger blog means stronger outbound links, especially if they lead to your product pages. But don’t become a number freak. Every time you publish – make it count, make it strong. I know good number of bloggers that strike me with a good article that comes no more than one time a week. And it works for them because they have proven and they have made me eager for what comes next. You can do the same as well. Need an example? Check Mychael Hyatt’s platform and see Why Did He Decide To Unsubscribe From Your Blog.

Social Media

Choose the best platform that corresponds with the nature of your business (B2B or B2C) and your objectives. Do not rush to conquer all the platforms. They won’t go anywhere. Instead work on one or two and make them your Acropolis. Content is the basis in the world of Social media (you can check our advanced course for copywriting). Are you unable to produce good number of videos? Don’t go on YouTube yet. You are dealing with lots of PPTs? SlideShare is a good place to start. You run a bakery? Combine Facebook with Pinterest and Instagram. I don’t see what a bakery would do on LinkedIn unless with the blessing of the Lord it turns out into big national chains and wants to showcase its corporate culture through LinkedIn.social_connect

Forget the Promote page option that Facebook has so persuasively placed on your page’s Dashboard. It’s good for bringing you more Likes on your page that’s for sure. If that’s your objective at this moment, that’s OK. But be aware – that audience is almost too generic and may not be relevant or interested in your services. Most of them are people who would almost like or share anything. Numbers look so euphoric at the beginning, and then the wave falls down. Instead use targeted advertising and especially Custom audiences, Facebook’s latest advertising feature that brought water in the mouth for so many online marketers. Custom audiences enables you to upload the mail list of your existing clients on Facebook though Power Editor and then prompts Facebook to identify a similar segment of Facebook users that you can target with a dedicated campaign. Assuming that you will upload emails of people that are already your clients and interested in your brand, Custom audiences seems very promising in tapping the right segment with your dollars. Moz speaks more elaborately about this feature in this blog post.

Facebook has also updated its default ad creating Dashboard. Now you can choose what exactly you want to achieve through your campaign, (more likes, more conversions, post engagement, event responses etc.) target users more narrowly according to their strict interest, what do they listen or it, the type of optimization you want to achieve for your campaign etc.

Harness the benefits of Open ID and Social Connect. Currently 80% of web surfers use some of their existing social media profiles to sign in to a social media website and validate their online identity apart from 20% that still prefer to fill up dedicated sign up form with email and password. Users love this – they can easily access their favorite web service, website or web app with just a click and few permission to be granted. Marketers love it even more – they witness increased web conversions that go up to 90% for online news channel. Social Login also gives them access to some basic user data such as email address and demographic details which helps them know their audience better and bring informed decisions.


This is the place where you must forget the Old School approach, because Google, has already done so.

Don’t target 20 or 30 keywords for a single page. Target 4-5 that best describe what the page is all about and makes it easy for the Google bots to classify it. More keyword clarity means more success in targeting and link building. Do not be everything for everyone. Be the best for what you care to offer.

Take Advantage of Google’s Bias Toward Hyper-Fresh Content. Dig out through these old long forgotten articles and revive them.

Do you have older content that’s targeting valuable keywords, important keywords that are critical to your brand to attracting the visitors that you want, and those have fallen down in the rankings? Consider an update. Just updating an old blog post or an old resource, making it fresh again, adding new things, things that have emerged or come to light over the past few months or few years.

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–  Focus on long in-depth blog posts. Google has announced its deep search feature on August 2013 giving a clear shot that they are on the side of users. Therefore they will give higher ranking and more priority to longer articles elaborating a topic in details. Do not be afraid to elaborate and to answer all the questions in advance.

Email marketing

Email is not dead. In fact far from being dead. Remember what you usually find yourself procrastinating with on your workplace. How many times you refresh the web browser or the local email client?

Email tends to work better during night hours and late in the weekend. Early morning and late evening are best for consumer emails and afternoons are best for news updates. We are fans of night campaigns as well. What would be the best timing for your Business? This post will give you the answer.

open rates per hour

open rates per day

Courtesy of Buffer blog

– Practice permission marketing. Do not email unless the owner of that email has explicitly given consent to do so. Else you are a spammer and you will be deleted with a snap of a finger. Give your prospects reason to subscribe to your email updates, through your blog, giveaways, E-books, and especially templates which are proven to perform best nowadays.

Do not use the recipient’s name to make your email more personally appealing. Most of you probably do it like this – “Dear Smith” or “Hi Smith.” Well most email clients especially Google is armored with new generation of filters that remove these types of personalization because it is proven that scammers and especially fishers use similar patterns to make the email correspondence more persuasive and lure them to take the bait.  Personalize only if you have the person as voluntary subscribe. Combine this with the OpenID technology mentioned above to provide even more personalized experience based on user’s behavior and preferences.

Our attempt to summarize and simplify this question must end here. If you have any specific questions about any of these channels, write down in comments or contact us here.



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