Blockchain Thunder Network Mobiloitte

Blockchain Thunder Network – Facilitate Secure, Trustless, and Instant Payments

Blockchain Thunder is on open source network that is accessible and equitable financial future and easy for every people to use bitcoin to store and transfer value worldwide because of its user-focused mandate.

The Blockchain Thunder network is faster, cheaper and more functional oriented network that deliver real value to users and let users make bitcoin payments more faster. Due to this many of people turned to an alternate cryptocurrency “Ether” and slowly by slowly bitcoin community are following up and making bitcoin payments.

Bitcoin Thunder network is the first valuable application of the Lightning network for off chain bitcoin payments that recline the main bitcoin blockchain.


Bitcoin Thunder network has the capability to provide secure, faster, trustless payments with the capability to unleash the power of microtransaction to give the capability to control heavy loads and to increase and secure the user privacy.From a feature perspective, there is both a node and a wallet (with GUI) present. Even more importantly:

  • Settlement to the bitcoin blockchain
  • Encryption and Authentication
  • Payment Debate
  • Relaying Payments
  • Settle payments automatically, no manual intervention needed.
  • Instant Payments that are irrevocable the moment you see them

If you are looking to leverage the power of blockchain for your existing or upcoming project, you will require experts with an excellent understanding of business needs.  Contact us, Mobiloitte is here to help!