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5 Cases How Blockchain Is Reshaping Agriculture

Blockchain — the technology that makes bitcoin possible, can also be used in various other sectors including in agricultural supply chains.

For some, it is hard to believe that how a coin development technology can help in reshaping the agriculture sector.

But, Yes It really does so. Here in this blog, you will read how Blockchain reshapes the agriculture sector.

Here I am writing 5 use cases for Blockchain in agriculture which will make your concept clear regarding the topic.

Case – 1:- Improving the Food Safety Methods

This is the area where a lot of work has already been done for helping both producers and consumers. By bringing transparency in the supply chain will help the producers and the consumers in removing the bad workflow and poor process, ensuring ideal conditions from farm to market and one can easily pinpoint source quickly in the event of food safety.




Case – 2:- Reducing the Transaction Cost

With the implementation of Blockchain in Agriculture, The transaction cost of the goods is reduced. As the supply chain has become much efficient which helps in effectively transacting the goods from farm to market.

Reducing the Transaction Cost

Case – 3:- Traceability

Blockchain plays an important role in this case. As we all know who after purchasing a product from the local store we can easily track from where it came from when it was produced or harvested and even who produced it. But as we all know this could be a fraud. To solve this problem many companies are using Blockchain to avoid this food fraud, False labeling, and redundant middlemen.


Case – 4:- Logistics

Dealing with products which have a very short life span is very risky as lots of money are on the edge. Many companies are already trying to mix Blockchain with transportation, for better agricultural aspects.


Case – 5:- New Market Scopes

This means there will be more market scopes all the market players. As previously it was very difficult to evaluate each and every market player on the basis of trustworthiness. With the implementation of Blockchain in Agriculture, one can easily create trust in each and every market player very effectively.

It is very important to reshape the supply chain, Implementing Blockchain in Agriculture will not change the vertical right away. Adopting the new features by all will require a few years and we can expect something new in agriculture within the next 5-6 years.

New Market Scopes

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