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Biggest mistakes of Businesses while Defining Features of Mobile App


The Smartphone users are checking their phones at least once every hour. Customers are spending more time browsing their smartphones than watching TV. Smartphones provide immense marketing opportunities to businesses to target their customer at a more personalized level. Mobile apps play a crucial role in engaging customers, boost repeat visits, provide for online transactions, offer loyalty cards, push promotional content and undertake e-commerce transactions. Apps can deliver discount coupons and enhance the relationship with customers. Despite having so many advantages a mobile app which don’t have the right features will not be able to create any positive impact on the business. Following are the mistakes businesses should avoid while defining features of a mobile app.


If you are asking your mobile application users to first sign up and become a registered user before they start using the app then you are giving them a reason to abandon your app just after download. You should allow your users to first get a glimpse of the features of your app and then provide them some incentive to register such as unlocking some interesting features of the app. You should also allow your users to sign up via Facebook, Google+ etc.


Loading an app with sounds for every tap and action is not a wise decision as it will alienate users rather than engaging them. Sounds should be primarily used for notifications. Using too many sounds deteriorates the overall user experience of the app. You can also provide provision to mute notification or any other sounds.

Call to Action

It’s important to place your call to action strategically in the app so that they are easily discoverable and promote users to take action. If you have created an app to promote your business and you haven’t provided a feature such as social shares then you are losing out on a big target market. If you have an eCommerce app and it’s difficult to find the buy button then high sales figures will be esoteric.


Not incorporating feedback feature in your app will disengage users. Giving feedback feature will encourage app users to provide feedback on the firsthand experience of your brand. Addressing the issues and concerns raised by your mobile app users will help in establishing a positive brand image.


It’s always a better approach to include your mobile application service provider in a discussion to better understand how the features of the mobile application will serve the business logic as well as align with the purpose of creating the app. The features in the application should be mapped with the business requirements to create a successful mobile application.

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