WordPress SEO Plugins

The Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Designing & Developing an Inviting Shopping Portal!

Online shopping portals have taken the world by storm and are getting more in number each month! This is due to the sheer power of development portals like WordPress that helps to put in immense amounts of usability, ROI conversion and SEO principles to make high-performing shopping portal that brings in new customers every day!

This is partly due to awesome WordPress plugins that help you manage various iotas of shopping portal management like SEO keyword management, design management and inclusion of the correct payment portals for making transactions smoother for the customers.

Here are the top plugins oriented for SEO that help to make alluring shopping portals inside WordPress:

1)      WordPress SEO by Yoast

  • This plugin is very important and should be installed by all SEO users, even CMS developers. To complement it further, you can also install the Yoast Google Analytics plugin to analyse your customer base and things they like based on their viewing history and keyword searches.
  • This plugin also helps you to frame new keywords based on these searches to make hits more relevant. You can also design your own keywords based on your product’s features via this plugin.

2)      Simple URLs

  • This plugin helps you to keep track of outbound links so that you can control them effectively right from the WordPress backend without infringing on a customer’s current activity. To use this plugin you should include the Disallow: /go/ code inside your robots.txt file to stop any non-authorized authority from passing through the link without authorization.
  • If you seem to have affiliate links on your website that point to other products or services on your website, you can use this to earn money via the PPC methods to help your conversion rate grow. This way, if someone purchases something via an affiliate link, you earn money via PPC and keyword conversion.

3)      NextGen Gallery and Lightbox Plus

  • These plugins are generally installed together with Colorbox the jQuery based image gallery script for streamlining product presentation. Lightbox comes with NextGen, but Lightbox Plus is more feature-packed.
  • NextGen enables you to manage your image gallery effectively and link it with the image’s title and its subsequent ALT tags. This helps remove most SEO related image problems and boosts your conversions as well when people click on images to view the product.
  • With Lightbox plus, you get to use short code templates of any kind to make your gallery look better and the gallery-alexmoss.php helps you in doing that.

4) Widget Logic

  • This plug-in works best with the on-screen widgets and floating bars that promote offers and attract customer attraction via animations or floating text fields.
  • It helps you control the content that appears on specific sections of the shopping portal as well the position where they should exactly appear so as not to hinder the viewing of a particular product or service. 

5)       Use Google Libraries

  • This is a simple plugin that helps you to substitute the JavaScript libraries that are called locally on your own server by switching to Google’s CDN (Content Delivery Network).
  • This helps you save massive bandwidth since Google’s servers can cater to any kind of customer with the slowest of connections.
  • This also saves you ample time by not having to compress your own JavaScript’s; Google’s automated server does it on its own. This way, if a user has these files cached on their system or mobile device, the files are not downloaded onto their cache again which improves the general performance of your shopping portal.

With such unique plugins that help you save money, earn money via PPC and promote advertising and SEO oriented clicks, your shopping portal benefits from customer engagement, robust feedback and tremendous sales thanks to neatly designed offers, automated invoicing and smarted CDN’s

Make sure to use these in your very own shopping website to help it perform better, faster and bring in the newer customers every day!