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Mobiloitte Reveals – The Recipe for Creating The Most Engaging Mobile Application!

What is the recipe for creating the best mobile application? How do you build an app that people love and use? If this question caught you on hold that means that despite your need, you are still don’t have a mobile application that would be widely used and accepted by the mass of smart phone users that also appear as prospects for your product as well.

Being architects and developers of Enterprise class mobile solutions, we can tell you that you can make an entire science out of this question. However we can tell and prove you one thing for certain – If your product or brand is unknown out there, then a mobile application carrying your brand and logo can certainly change that!

So, how to make your mobile application work for you?

A new research study co-partnered by an Indiana University professor suggests that branded interactive mobile applications for smartphones may be some of the most powerful interactive forms of advertising yet developed.

How do you understand the term interactive?

This simple term is what makes all the difference between an average and exceptional mobile and web application development company. This year, the number of mobile application landing on Google Play and App Store is about to hit the million. Still only a handful of them break the charts.

It is a tough battle. But it’s worth every sweat and every minute fighting it.

Every mobile application out there can be put under one of the two main categories – Informational  gathering or Experiential (escape). Now beware:

The research conducted on 225 people n the US between the age of 18-74 has shown that information mobile applications are more engaging that the experiential!

best mobile application The science behind this is not too complex. In the case of information gathering mobile applications, the focus is external and our heart and body is more relaxed and this leads to a calmer psychological state

Now let’s see the logic from psychological viewpoint as well!

When you have an application that provides people with information that is something they internalize and personalize more than the external-based focus of the game-based app,” one of the researchers said. “You’ve invited the brand into your life and onto your phone. If it’s an informational application, you’re inviting that brand even deeper in, because now you’re thinking about what’s in your life and apply it to the things that the apps are presenting you with.

On the other hand the experience with an experiential mobile application such as gaming application is more distant because the experience is only confined on the smartphone but not in life.

We can finally conclude that informational type of mobile application is more effective in shifting the purchase intention that the experiential one.  Supporting your brand with such a powerful tool like a branded smartphone application brings your brand closer to your prospective buyer. The experience with your website is colder and much more distant, however in the case of the mobile application you get to know about it, download it if you are compelled enough and then keep it with you. Smartphone have become intimate part and personal extension of their owners and you would surely want to keep a part of your brand with them.

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From all this it is not difficult to conclude the shifting in the advertising industry. Brand especially retail brands will probably become more focused on advertising their branded mobile application to reach a larger mass of smartphone users.

However this still doesn’t fully answer us the question – What does it takes to make a mobile application that people love?

The same research suggests that the more information the app provides – the more personal becomes the bond between the person and the brand. In fact another study conducted in 2011 shows that email, social networking and browsing, in other words, information gathering mobile applications are the most engaging ones.

Shedding some more light on this, It has been even proved that the more efficiency a mobile app provides, the less engaging it becomes. Here is the point that most of application development companies across the world fail to see:

Engaging doesn’t means spending more time on the application. It means getting what we need and getting out of the app quickly!

This is surely a challenge on the conventional wisdom saying that the experience must be gamified. However the difference in user experience in both information gathering and gaming applications clearly explains the logic of this statement.

In attempt to finalize this discussion, here are few advises that Mobiloitte’s and few global experts suggest:

  • Try your mobile application on desktop first. If it performs great than it is a sure bet for mobile platform as well
  • Pay attention to the sounds you use. Every little thing the rich color or the shade that you have put on the application’s icon, every dot, the sound that the app generates when a user completes a task inside the app is capable of contributing the biggest portion of your application’s success.  One thing is sure – the most successful mobile applications are the most intensive one to be built.
  • Many mobile applications are used i short time intervals only – waiting in cue, waiting for an appointment, travelling etc. Therefore you make your mobile application enjoyable for shorter time spans as well. In case you have troubles crafting one, we will be happy to reach and assist you through this contact form

Make the best use out of this insights. Afterwards, fell free to check our global mobile application portfolio