Choose the best Hybrid Mobile App Framework

Choose the best Hybrid Mobile App Framework

With introducing hybrid mobile app frameworks, it makes the work of a developer easy. One can easily build an app that can work on various platforms like iOS, Android & Windows with no extra cost. 

There are a lot of advantages to hybrid mobile app development. Advantages like cost-effectiveness, access to numerous hardware/software and many more. 

In this blog, our Mobile app development team has shortlisted a few of the hybrid mobile app development frameworks which are beneficial for all. Let’s start the journey and find the best. 

Some Popular Hybrid Mobile App Framework

React Native:- 

React Native

Developed in the year 2015, This has become the best solution for building mobile apps. Under the pampering of Facebook, this is an amazing platform for developing apps. 

While using React Native, there is no need for a separate iOS and Android development team for building the app.

This makes coding easy, as it allows developers to build apps with a single JavaScript for both iOS and Android.

Apps like Instagram, Bloomberg and UberEats are built on React Native and are doing great business.

Some of the features of React Native:-

  • Covers both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Supports Node.JS.
  • Less memory usage when compared with others.
  • Good responsive time.
  • Native application development is very efficient.
  • Compatible with a wide range of third-party plugins.
  • Time saver for developers.

The best thing about React Native is, one can use the React Native UI components to another app’s code without rewriting the code. 



PhoneGap is mobile-centric and open-source. This is one of the most popular mobile app development frameworks. 

With the PhoneGap framework, one can deliver robustly and feature-rich apps to the users. The apps which are built using this framework are fully customized hybrid apps working efficiently on multiple platforms.

Some of the features of PhoneGap:-

  • In-built Native functionality.
  • Open-source cross-platform.
  • Easily supports iOS, Android, Palm, BlackBerry, Ipad, and Symbian too. 
  • Lets developers add more functionalities by just adding simple plug-ins.
  • PhoneGap is built on HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript which gives very rich features.



Google’s Flutter is a mobile app SDK used for developing high-quality native interfaces on both Android and iOS. 

Launched in the year 2018, This is an open-source mobile application development framework. Flutter is fast and helps one with the development of high-quality cross-platform apps.

Some of the features of Flutter:-

  • Flutter is based on Dart language.
  • Perfect for MVP.
  • Open-source platform.
  • One of the top competitors to React Native in terms of performance and responsiveness.
  • Very easy to use interface



Ionic is the most popular and one of the best frameworks for hybrid app development. It is an HTML5 mobile app development framework designed with native-UI elements. 

Some of the features of Ionic:-

  • Easy to read and is very scalable.
  • Open source and free.
  • Ionic framework is very maintainable.
  • Support for Angular material design.

Moreover Ionic uses many advanced technologies such as CSS, HTML, and Angular JS components too.


Here we come to the end of the blog. These were a few of the hybrid mobile app development frameworks, we selected which. 

Let us suggest you the best from our side. Looking at the current market trends, If you want to develop a  hybrid app then go with React Native framework. As it is easy for development.

Before you select a hybrid mobile app framework, Pay special attention towards the usage of the app which you want to develop. Make it clear!!!

If you have any query related to hybrid mobile app development, Feel free to ask us for deep expert advice. 


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