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As we announced in our previous post that we will be Publishing our flyer series to our services and industries vertical. Here we go with our first flyer on Automobile industry which has been growing immensely.

There is a paradigm shift in the automobile industry as over 380 million connected cars are anticipated to hit the roads by 2021. The connected vehicles will have Wi-Fi connectivity, advanced infotainment systems & apps, vehicle to vehicle communication and assisted driving with global connectivity. There is a speculation that whether the technology giants will be the next generation automakers.

Industry stakeholders and their current business challenges:

  • Automakers
  • Auto Ancillary
  • Car Dealers
  • Customers
  • Installing Embedded Technology
  • Equipping infotainment system & Apps
  • Durable safety software
  • Data management

To handle such challenges, Mobiloitte focuses on four key areas:


Expanding the capabilities of road vehicles.


Ensuring speed and reliability of data exchange.


Connected and intelligent vehicles with decision-making capabilities


Rendering in-vehicle experience suiting customer preference.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Automobile

  •  Customized solutions
  •  Automotive software safety
  •  Embedded devices
  •  Designing solutions to cater to specific needs of customers
  •  Ensuring safety and reliability of software embedded in road vehicles
  •  Enhancing the in-car experience of the passengers through smart solutions

Innovative Customer Experience Mobility Solutions

  • Advanced infotainment systems
  • Infotainment Apps
  • Vehicle to Vehicle communication systems
  • Autonomous parking systems
  • Providing an immersive and rich in-car experience
  • Integrating apps with embedded vehicle systems
  • Exchanging data such as speed and position
  • Assisted driving with global connectivity to search parking spaces

Smart connected mobility solutions

  • E-vehicles
  • Data management
  • Handling maintenance data
  • Connecting mobile apps with embedded vehicle systems
  • Gathering, storing, managing and analyzing data
  • Relaying data from sensors to mobile apps for maintenance information

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