Titanium vs Xamarin

Titanium vs Xamarin – Choosing the “One” in Order to Create Awesome Native Alike Mobile Application!!!

Era of Cross Platform Mobile Apps – getting better and better…. Cross Platform Mobile Application development have facilitated the work of developers and given them a new platform to create innovative mobile applications for consumers or businesses. Android and iOS operating systems are reining the mobile market. Today, about 2.5 billion people have chosen mobile […]

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Titanium Enterprise App Security

Unraveling ‘The 6 Layers of Mobile Enterprise Security’ On Appcelerator Titanium Platform

Mobile Security is essential for enterprises – Why? Internet security is a rising concern from the eyes of Enterprises in order to secure its cross platform mobile applications and data from unpredictable cyber attacks. The past records revealed by Jupiter Networks,  show that security breaches on mobiles especially smart phones have increased upto 150%, where […]

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titanium mobile development

Best Practices for Developing an Appcelerator Titanium Android app

The Appcelerator Titanium Mobile program is regarded as an open and extensible development framework suite. It is used for developing Titanium based mobile applications for various mobile devices like iPad, iPhone and Android based smartphone series, but it also supports latest OS version of BlackBerry and that too from a single code base. For developers, […]

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