Edge computing and its criticality in IoT - Mobiloitte

Edge Computing and its Criticality in IoT

Edge computing is basically to compute and develop analytics on the device itself. While many of today’s always-connected tech devices take advantage of cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturers and application developers are starting to discover the benefits of edge computing. Why edge computing? This on-device approach helps Reduce latency for critical applications Lower […]

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Industry 4.0 Manufacturing and Automated Visual inspection

Industry 4.0: Manufacturing and Automated Visual inspection

Industry 4.0 or connected factory or smart factory concept is being adopted by wide range of manufacturing industries to increase productivity and thus competitiveness. Be it OEE & predictive maintenance or asset tracking or inventory management, Industry 4.0 has been adding a great value by merging operation technology with information technology. Manufacturer now wants to […]

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IoT and Real Time Location System (RTLS) - Mobiloitte

IoT and Real Time Location System for Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Whether you’re in retail, manufacturing, distribution, or shipping, planning and managing the flow of inbound raw materials and outbound finished goods through your supply chain is a challenge. Materials are often inappropriately shipped or stored, which can damage sensitive goods. One of the best ways to reduce material wastage and to improve logistics is with […]

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smart parking - Mobiloitte Blog

Smart Parking Solution Using IoT

Smart Parking is one of the fastest-growing Smart City Solutions across the world. City parking lot, Airports, universities, shopping centre and offices just begun to realize the significant benefits of automated parking technology. With IoT and its ability to connect, analyze and automate data gathered from devices is what makes smart parking possible. Smart Parking […]

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