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Mobiloitte IoT Solution Architecture – Enabling Tomorrow’s Smart City

Each Smart city needs a structured & tailored computing model to allow distributed processing of data with high level of scale, speed, resiliency and mobility required to efficiently & effectively deliver the value with the data being generated. In smart city IoT infrastructure we see four-layered architecture Street Layer: It comprises of devices and sensors […]

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Video Analytics Technology and Internet of Things

These days video analytics technology is transforming the Internet of Things and creating new opportunities across various industry verticals. This is a technology that is allowing cameras to recognize people, objects, and situations automatically and applies machine-learning algorithms to video feeds. These applications are relatively new, but there are many factors that are encouraging their […]

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IoT and Mesh App and Service Architecture

MASA is a new architectural model introduced by Gartner. It reflects what has emerged over the last five years, as organizations have experimented several digital projects. In the race to digital transformation, MASA focuses on enabling rich, fluid and dynamic connections of people, processes, services, content, devices, and things. It enables the digital business technology platform within […]

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