How Apple’s Swift is going to be Future of App Development

The future of enterprise app development is going to be swift. Apple’s Tim Cook referred to swift as “the next big programming language,” developers will be building apps in “the next 20 years. Swift is a pro-developer programming language which is designed to be friendly for beginners. Swift as a programming language is quite close to English which makes it easy to understand and code. Swift is easy to maintain as Xcode(IDE) will detect code errors before building your app. The biggest advantage Swift provides iOS a developer is that it’s an open source language.

Swift offers a cleaner and leaner code that doesn’t need semicolons or parentheses to surround conditional expressions inside if/else statements. In Swift, the method calls don’t nest inside each other. In Swift, methods and function call in Swift use the industry-standard comma-separated list of parameters within parenthesis. The readability and simplified syntax make Swift a next generation language.

Swift doesn’t have two file requirement as Xcode & LLVM compiler can figure out dependencies and perform incremental builds automatically in Swift version 1.2. Swift combines the Objective-C header(.h) and implementation files (.m) into a single code file (.swift). The two file system of Objective-C requires additional work that complicates the app development process. Swift allows a developer to focus on the app logic rather than record keeping as Xcode and LLVM compiler reduces the workload of the programmers.

Swift offers dynamic library which is another big reason for its adoption. The dynamic libraries are comprised of executable code that can be linked to an app. The developer submits the app along with the libraries. Swift can evolve at a much faster pace than iOS that is a feature of a modern programming language. Dynamic libraries have never been supported on iOS and this was only introduced with Swift.

Swift has a large and fast growing community of developers which helps in knowledge sharing as developers can learn from other developers. Whether it is StackOverflow or, Swift has become the most discussed topic when it comes to iOS development. There are over 15K StackOverflow users following Swift while Meetup has over 110 Swift groups which have over 40K members worldwide. With a strong community support, Swift is a modern day programming language for iOS development.


The plethora of benefits offered by Swift makes it a preferred choice for iOS app development and iOS maintenance.

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