Apple’s new software – Everything you need to know

Apple’s new software – Everything you need to know

After WWDC 2019 Apple unleashed many new updates in it’s every product. None of the announcements lead to the creation of any new products. 

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook made it clear that no new product has developed only a few updates are made for the betterment of the customers.

Let’s see what all updates Apple got for the users

WatchOS 6: 


WatchOS 6

  • The brand is continuing to cut the once necessary connection between the iPhone and the iWatch. Two years ago Apple introduced cellular connection in the watch, but it has now made some updates in it by adding App store into the watch. 
  • This allows users to install the app into the iWatch and make updates automatically. Added features like voice recorder and calculator are also installed into the iWatch. 
  • Apple is also focusing on the health of Women. With the help of this watch, they will be adding an exclusive app especially for women, Called the Cycle App. It will work on both iWatch as well as on iPhones and will help in tracking the menstrual cycle.  

Apple Arcade:


Apple Arcade

  • This year Apple also announced the Arcade, This is a subscription-based gaming service. The price for this subscription is still unknown. 
  • But the good news is, now a player will be able to play those games using Xbox one S and PlayStations using Apple devices. 

Protection of Data:

  • Apple launched a new and unique feature called Sign-in. This will mainly aim at all those third-parties who collects data from the users. 
  • There are many apps who asks the users to create an account by signing in using their Facebook and Google details. 
  • With Apple’s Sign-in feature which provides users a unique ID that allows them to sign-in anonymously. 
  • This ID can also be used with Face ID or Touch ID to make accessing the apps easier. 
  • Beyond its own security updates, Apple is also working on the security of other devices like Homekit (cameras and other security equipment)  and other IoT based devices.

iOS 13:

  • This is the newest update in iOS. This has got some more exciting features in it. 
  • Dark Mode is the latest feature in iOS 13 and it uses light-colored text and icon against a dark background. 

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New Operating System for iPad:


New Operating System for iPad

  • Along with WatchOS, MacOs, iOS, and TvOS, This is also bringing some more updates in the iPadOS. 
  • After the launch of the new OS for iPad, the browsing view will completely change for the users. The users will now be able to open multiple windows at a time while working on iPads. 
  • The most exciting update about the iPad is that the users can connect this with their MacBook and can use this as a second screen. This is called the SlideCar Update.

Making Siri more robotic:

  • Siri isn’t the only thing that Apple is updating, with the introduction of iOS13 many things in an iPhone will be voice-controlled. 
  • One last note about iOS 13 is that it has added some additional browsing and editing tools for photos. This is very much similar to what Google provides to its users.

Augmented Reality and Apple:


Augmented Reality and Apple

  • Apple launched ARKit 3, Which includes motion capture technology. 
  • The technology records a person’s movements so that can be used to create lifelike animation.

Updated Mac Pro:

The Mac Pro is updated and it’s worth-worthy and it will be a perfect beast for playing various games.


Apple is planning many other updates in all it’s devices and they are working on it. With these updates, many iOS App Development Companies are knotting their laces to run fast and implement each and every update for their clients.