iOS 9 Compatible with iWatch

New iOS 9 Features to look out for and Apple’s iWatch OS Update Details


Apple is currently going full throttle! It is already readying up for the iOS 8.4 update that is slated to release soon. However, the buzz is mostly around iOS 9 – the next generation of Apple’s mobile OS.

However, not all news is good news. It is being said that the iPhone 4s will not be iOS 9 compatible and will run only iOS 8. The iPhone 4s owners however will get to try iOS 9 for sure!

Here are some new features being talked about that are included in the iOS 9 update package:

Lightweight Download Package

  • Most iOS 7 users griped at the inability to download the iOS 8 update package onto their mobile device due to lack of internal storage since the update package was simply too large!
  • Don’t worry; this will not happen during your iOS 9 installation since the update package is touted to be light and compact in size.

Home App

  • A new addition called the Home app will be introduced which will help you control all your smart gadgets installed inside your home or office.
  • This app will lay out a virtual map of such gadgets on your Apple device and help you monitor and use them via Siri. Siri will manage these gadgets at your command and control them according to the voice command you put in. You can also use your iWatch for this purpose apart from your iPhone.

New Siri

  • Siri is getting a facelift and a brilliant one! Now, Siri will come with a brand new UI and the digital personal assistant will also enhance the functionality of the iWatch as well.
  • Two new features called ‘Spotlight’ and ‘Proactive’ will help Siri to search results better and give you suggestions based on your location and or local time to use your phone better.

Beats Music

  • For music lovers, this is the best thing for Apple ever since the iPod! Now, Apple might be considering including some features of its erstwhile social network music called Ping in a rebranded avatar called Beats Music.
  • Beats Music, as experts believe, is a replacement for the iTunes Radio and will make music streaming and tagging faster and better.

iWatch OS Update

  • Since most people tend to lose smaller things like a watch, Apple might be working on a ‘Find my Watch’ feature for their iWatch that can help them find it in case it is lost or gets stolen. You can do this via GPS.
  • The feature will be a part of the iOS 9 update when it releases and will help users find their lost iWatch or wipe it completely in case the chances of recovery are slim.

All in all, Apple is finally ironing out the seams and working tirelessly in order to kill Android’s market share with new features as well innovations that will make the Apple brand more competitive and stronger in the present smartphone market.