iOS 9 Features

Apple’s Latest Round of Developments Ahead of This Year’s WWDC and More!

Apple is trying to get back its market share from the ever-popular Android as much as it can! However, with every successful company comes a fair share of failed as well as brilliant plans. With Apple, this year hasn’t seen a huge boost in sales with the Apple iPhone 6 and 6S or the Apple Watch, but the sales were steadier than ever before.

We now look at the latest buzz in social media about Apple’s latest developments and possible future releases.

A More Contextual and Proactive Approach

  • Since so many web apps and services are on the market, it is imminent to bring feature rich content to the user with actual value.
  • Google’s Google Now is already making huge strides with very relevant information based on searches, voice notes and browsing history analysis.
  • Apparently, iOS 9 will feature a service called ‘Proactive’ to be released soon for developer previews which aggregates information based on contacts, calendars, Passbook, Siri and other  third-party apps to create a better contextually-aware information feedback. Since Apple bought Google Now’s duplicate called Cue in 2013, it is time to make it appear within the iOS ecosystem to compete with the Google now experience.

Force Touch All the Way!

  • Force Touch is already on the new MacBook and the recently launched Apple Watch and now it has finally been realized that it should definitely be on iOS 9.
  • What Force touch actually does is that it helps the user make different gestures on the Apple device with a slight change in pressure or stronger presses. These can be baked into new commands or shortcuts for ease of use.
  • This feature is sure to arrive on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, according to some tech portals (like 9to5Mac).
  • This way pressure-sensitive, fast forwarding inside a media player, one-touch results in typing and instant navigation inside Maps will be easier.

Legacy Devices Will Witness a Resurrection

  • Do not count out the older iOS devices you own just as yet! iOS 9 will probably feature support for the A5 processor-based devices like the original iPad mini and the iPhone 4S.
  • This will improve stability, efficiency and performance of older hardware without bottlenecking the interface due to surreptitious lags.
  • A new core version of the OS is being developed to help the older devices be iOS 9-compatible due to which older generation iPod touches, iPad and iPhones can work on the latest OS build with ease!

OSX to Be Built More Stable

  • This year’s WWDC will see another announcement which will focus on a more stable version of OSX, currently being released as a beta.
  • Sources have confirmed that OSX Snow Leopard will be more stable thanks to ironing out of numerous bugs and design flaws in the earlier release.
  • New features have been kept on hold in this one to help iron out all issues that have flawed devices that use this OS.

Apparently The Latest MacBook Is Scary Thin! Huge Mistake!

  • The latest reviews on the latest MacBook are not good! They reveal that the Retina inclusion is just a sham. The lesser performance, less disk space and smaller battery are not what Apple is expected of – especially a MacBook!
  • The 11-inch device runs Retina well, but the track pad and keyboard aren’t good. The product is so thin that it seems like it can snap.

Apple Watch to Get Some Native Apps Soon

  • Finally, after flicking through stupid widgets, you can now expect native legacy apps for your Apple Watch.
  • Native apps can be developed with the updated Watch SDK soon to be released at the WWDC.

Things are changing at Apple and fast! JonyIve is finally Chief Design Officer after a long wait and the corporate structure of the company is finally looking good. It is probably time for Apple’s resurrection. Only time will tell…