Appcelerator Titanium – The Benefits for Developers and Businesses

Smartphone Technology buzz around all of us, everybody wants to tap the ever increasing Mobile Space before other rivals. With the mobile application war comes the Platform War, which platform to choose(Android or iOS)? How much time/money to be given to each platform development? Let’s discuss and try to diminish the platform trouble once and for all.

The major Platforms narrow down to iOS and Android, Everybody wants their product/idea to be spread out to most users at minimum time/cost overhead possible. What if I told you that you can target both iOS and Android platform at once with the very same interface and code base Interesting right? The solution is Titanium, a prominent cross platform mobile development tools by Appcelerator used by the smart to target their Apps for both the platforms with minimum time and of course less hassle to maintain different paradigms for each platform.

It all began with JavaScript in1995 with the Inception of open-web standard. This open web required a scripting language to assist it’s websites, the answer was JavaScript and today JavaScript is preferred language for all Programmers around the World. It is the single Language which can be used for Client side Development, Server side Development and now your mobile too. The amalgamation of JavaScript and mobile is done by Appcelerator, our good friend in making the dream of JavaScript guys true.

So how Appcelerator does this?

Appcelerator takes your JavaScript code, analyses and re-compiles it into native code cementing with the various API’s Appcelerator offers. API’s will empower your code and Appcelerator offers a huge list of API’s for developer’s to help interact with their applications.

Lets list out some of the pros to help you assert on your incredible journey with Appcelerator:

  • Rapid Prototyping: Appcelerator  actually “accelerate” the application development because it allows you to create in a very flexible way, with a few lines of code and in a few hours what normally would require more attention and a few days. Regardless of the choice of developing by using native or cross-platform tool-kits, you could always use Appcelerator to make a prototype to evaluate the user’s interaction with the UI due to its facilitation for rapid development.

  • Web-oriented: Appcelerator mainly helps the development when the App interacts with a web service since the application itself is developed by using web technologies. This had a great impact not only on simplifying the development process, but also on saving the overhead needed to elaborate the information exchanged through the remote communication your server dependency of your application.
    A typical example is the use of JSON format for data transfer. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a simple encoding of JavaScript-like objects and Titanium is a pure JavaScript API, so all you have to do is to assign the data received from the network to a local variable without having to write any data parsing, extraction, and conversion.

  • JavaScript. It’s a language many developers know and enables more developers coming from a web development background to get into iOS or Android mobile app development. Most importantly Appcelerator reflects an intrinsic characteristic of prototype – based scripting languages that is the combination of flexibility and structure.

  • Growing community: Appcelerator is an ever growing community of Developers and moreover it also has a cloud services and functionality in it’s platform. Appcelerator is creating a great platform for a growing community and its best days are ahead of it.

Moving Rapid is the future of Development and believe me for products and companies to stay ahead it has be implemented by using cross platform services to quickly launch your products at major platforms and increment Strategically.

I hope it is right to use the famous old Java slogan for JavaScript: “Write Once Run Everywhere”.

About the author: Samanyu Chopra is the founder of Daphnis Labs – a team of nerds obsessed with creating awe-inspiring products and solutions. You can follow and catch up with Samanyu on LinkedIn, Twitter or Quora